[dpdk-dev] The limitation of VHOST_MEMORY_MAX_NREGIONS in virtio-user with vhost-user backend

Wang, Wei 5. (NSB - CN/Hangzhou) wei.5.wang at nokia-sbell.com
Tue Dec 5 07:58:53 CET 2017

Hi, all

In DPDK document, it it described that Virtio in containers Cannot work when there are more than VHOST_MEMORY_MAX_NREGIONS(8) hugepages. In another word, do not use 2MB hugepage so far. Do you know the reason of this limitation?

In my envirionment, the pdpe1gb is not set in cpu flag, so hugepage can't be set to 1GB size. The hugepage number shall be more than 8

So is there any solution or workaround to fix this limitation? Or change dpdk code to fix this limitation?

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