[dpdk-dev] [PATCH 00/13] examples/eventdev: add capability based pipeline support

Pavan Nikhilesh pbhagavatula at caviumnetworks.com
Thu Dec 7 21:36:52 CET 2017

The eventdev_pipeline_sw_pmd supports a single pipeline type that follows a
strict Rx - Worker - Tx pipeline flow.
This patch-set aims to generalise pipeline configuration across event devices
based on their capabilities. The Rx, Tx and worker functionalities are
classified based on these capabilities.

This allows us to abstract the underlying event device and seamlessly
switch between pipeline models.

Pavan Nikhilesh (13):
  examples/eventdev: add Rx adapter support
  examples/eventdev: move common data into pipeline common
  examples/eventdev: add framework for caps based pipeline
  examples/eventdev: add generic worker pipeline
  examples/eventdev: add ops to check cmdline args
  examples/eventdev: add non burst mode generic worker
  examples/eventdev: add thread safe Tx worker pipeline
  examples/eventdev: add burst for thread safe pipeline
  examples/eventdev: add all type queue option
  examples/eventdev: add single stage pipeline worker
  examples/eventdev: add atq single stage pipeline worker
  examples/eventdev_pipeline_sw_pmd: rename example
  doc: update example eventdev_pipeline

 ...v_pipeline_sw_pmd.rst => eventdev_pipeline.rst} |   6 +-
 doc/guides/sample_app_ug/index.rst                 |   2 +-
 examples/Makefile                                  |   2 +-
 .../Makefile                                       |   4 +-
 .../main.c                                         | 527 ++------------
 examples/eventdev_pipeline/pipeline_common.h       | 183 +++++
 .../eventdev_pipeline/pipeline_worker_generic.c    | 575 +++++++++++++++
 examples/eventdev_pipeline/pipeline_worker_tx.c    | 804 +++++++++++++++++++++
 8 files changed, 1615 insertions(+), 488 deletions(-)
 rename doc/guides/sample_app_ug/{eventdev_pipeline_sw_pmd.rst => eventdev_pipeline.rst} (97%)
 rename examples/{eventdev_pipeline_sw_pmd => eventdev_pipeline}/Makefile (95%)
 rename examples/{eventdev_pipeline_sw_pmd => eventdev_pipeline}/main.c (51%)
 create mode 100644 examples/eventdev_pipeline/pipeline_common.h
 create mode 100644 examples/eventdev_pipeline/pipeline_worker_generic.c
 create mode 100644 examples/eventdev_pipeline/pipeline_worker_tx.c


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