[dpdk-dev] [PATCH v2 4/6] net/representor: Implement port representor PMD

Remy Horton remy.horton at intel.com
Mon Dec 11 11:08:15 CET 2017

On 08/12/2017 16:56, Mohammad Abdul Awal wrote:
> On 08/12/2017 15:02, Remy Horton wrote:
> I think it possible to create the representor without pulling in driver
> codes. We probably can avoid using the rte_eth_vdev_allocate by calling
> the rte_eth_dev_allocate() directly.

This is my general thinking.

> int
> rte_representor_port_register(const char *devargs);

Question is where this *devargs comes from - I don't think there is 
currently any commandline option to specify a parameter string for PFs.

Could go down the zero-conf route of always creating representors for 
all available VFs, but in that case may as well strip out the parsing code.

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