[dpdk-dev] Minutes of technical board meeting 2017-12-06

Richardson, Bruce bruce.richardson at intel.com
Tue Dec 12 18:26:36 CET 2017

Bruce, Hemant, Jerin, Konstantin, Olivier, Thomas, Yuanhan

Stephen, Jan

Due to discontinued involvement in DPDK, Jan has now resigned from the technical board.
The tech board wishes to thank him for his contributions to DPDK and tech-board over the last few years and wish him well in his other endeavours.
The topic of a possible replacement for Jan on the tech-board will be discussed at the next meeting.

Topic: Management of old patches in patchwork
* Unanimous agreement that old patches should be rejected in patchwork
  after a reasonable period, set initially at 3 releases (9 months).
* After a release, all patches dated older than 3 releases previously,
  e.g. after 17.11, any patches submitted before the release of 17.02,
  will be marked as rejected and a mail reply sent to the appropriate
  mailing list thread informing people of the same.
* To have patches reconsidered for future inclusion, a new version of
  the patches should be submitted to the mailing list.

* Bruce to update the documentation with this new policy.
* Thomas to request support from patchwork and DPDK community to
  automate/script the implementation of this policy.

Topic: Licensing
* No major updates. Discussion in progress on a number of items that
  need relicensing or exceptions.

Topic: Technical Board Voting
* For charter changes the governing board requires a 2/3 majority. The
  technical board has no such special case for charter or policy
* Following brief discussion, most seemed happy with the current
  situation where a simple majority suffices for such decisions.
Next Meeting:
* 2017-12-20 @ 3pm UTC
* Hemant to chair discussion

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