[dpdk-dev] [PATCH v2] lib/cmdline: init CLI parsing memory

Olivier MATZ olivier.matz at 6wind.com
Thu Dec 14 16:35:45 CET 2017

Hi Xueming,

On Sat, Dec 09, 2017 at 11:39:23PM +0800, Xueming Li wrote:
> Initialize result memory every time before parsing. Also save
> successfully parsed result before further ambiguous command detection to
> avoid result being tainted by later parsing.
> Signed-off-by: Xueming Li <xuemingl at mellanox.com>

I'm ok with the content of the patch, but this has 2 be split in 2
commits, which fixes different things.

1/ cmdline: fix dynamic tokens parsing

   [contains what Adrien suggested = all your patch but memset]

   When using dynamic tokens, the result buffer contains pointers
   to some location inside the result buffer. When the content of
   the temporary buffer is copied in the final one, these pointers
   still point to the temporary buffer.

   This works until the temporary buffer is kept intact, but the
   next commit introduces a memset() that breaks this assumption.

   This commit renames the buffers, and ensures that the pointers
   point to the valid location, by recopying the buffer before
   invoking f().

   Fixes: 9b3fbb051d2e ("cmdline: fix parsing")
   Cc: stable at dpdk.org

2/ cmdline: avoid garbage in unused fields of parsed result

   [contains the memset() only]

   The result buffer was not initialized before parsing, inducing
   garbage in unused fields or padding of the parsed structure.

   Initialize the result buffer each time before parsing.

   Fixes: af75078fece3 ("first public release")
   Cc: stable at dpdk.org

Adrien, are you also ok?


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