[dpdk-dev] [sriov] [ixgbevf] We have to down PF and VF port to reconfig a port?

Sam batmanustc at gmail.com
Wed Dec 27 03:54:46 CET 2017

2017-12-27 10:42 GMT+08:00 Sam <batmanustc at gmail.com>:

> Hi all,
> I'm running OVS-DPDK on a two netdevice server(eth0 and eth1), and I use
> sriov to make one VF and one PF on each netdevice, as bellow. Please omit
> eth2 and eth3. Then two VF port(enp1s16 and enp1s16f1) combine into linux
> bond1 port as management port, two PF port(0000:01:00.0 and 0000:01:00.1)
> combine into OVS-DPDK bond port(mode 4) as dataplane port.
> [root at yf-mos-test-net14 ~]# /usr/local/share/openvswitch/scripts/dpdk_nic_bind
>> --status
>> Network devices using DPDK-compatible driver
>> ============================================
>> 0000:01:00.0 'Ethernet Controller 10-Gigabit X540-AT2' drv=igb_uio
>> unused=ixgbe
>> 0000:01:00.1 'Ethernet Controller 10-Gigabit X540-AT2' drv=igb_uio
>> unused=ixgbe
>> Network devices using kernel driver
>> ===================================
>> 0000:01:10.0 'X540 Ethernet Controller Virtual Function' if=enp1s16
>> drv=ixgbevf unused=igb_uio
>> 0000:01:10.1 'X540 Ethernet Controller Virtual Function' if=enp1s16f1
>> drv=ixgbevf unused=igb_uio
>> 0000:08:00.0 'I350 Gigabit Network Connection' if=eth2 drv=igb
>> unused=igb_uio
>> 0000:08:00.1 'I350 Gigabit Network Connection' if=eth3 drv=igb
>> unused=igb_uio
>> Other network devices
>> =====================
>> <none>
> I change OVS-DPDK code, and use command to stop  OVS-DPDK bond port and
> its slaves, and then change its txconf and rxconf, and then start up them.
> But the kernel report "Detected Tx Unit Hang ..." and no packets could go
> through OVS-DPDK bond port and linux bond port, but use command to show
> OVS-DPDK port and linux bond port,
all status is NOT OK(LACP status not OK, I don't if it's because link error
or LACP packet process error).

> But when I stop linux bond port first, and then do the same process as
> above, no error report and packets could go through OVS-DPDK bond port and
> linux bond port.
> So what's this problem and how to fix it ? Thank you~
I want to make OVS-DPDK bond port could be stop/start/reconfig while
running. If others use some other way to do this, could you share it, thank

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