[dpdk-dev] DPDK Technical Board Meeting, 2017-02-15

Richardson, Bruce bruce.richardson at intel.com
Fri Feb 17 11:22:09 CET 2017

A meeting of the DPDK technical board was held last Wednesday, 2017-02-15. Below are the meeting minutes.  

Please note that future meetings will be open to all to attend, as described below. The next meeting is planned for March 1st, and any topics to be referred to the tech board for discussion at that meeting should be emailed to techboard at dpdk.org by February 26th at the latest.


Hemant Agrawal, Konstantin Ananyev, Jan Blunck, Stephen Hemminger, Jerin Jacob, Yuanhan Liu, Olivier Matz, Thomas Monjalon, Bruce Richardson

Agenda and Notes:
0. General Meeting Admin
 * Bruce Richardson volunteered to chair this meeting (Meeting chair was previously agreed to be a rotating role.)
 * Olivier Matz volunteered to chair the next meeting
 * At each future meetings, the chair for the next meeting will be decided and that person also has the responsibility of preparing the meeting agenda ahead of time.
 * Next meeting was agreed to be at the same time in two weeks - 1st March @ 3pm UTC (4pm France, 11pm PRC, 7am US Pacific). 
   - Olivier to send a reminder with agenda a few days in advance.

1. Welcome new members to the board, and answer any questions they had about technical board operations.
 * Hemant, Jan and Yuanhan were welcomed, but had no questions on tech board at this point.

2. Making meetings public
 * LF charter for DPDK specifies that meetings of the techboard should be public
 * Decision made to continue to hold meetings on #dpdk-board channel on IRC
 * Meetings will be announced ahead of time:
    - In minutes of previous meeting
    - Via separate email a couple of days before the meeting
 * Anyone interested in the board meeting can join the IRC channel and make their contribution.
 * Only items on the agreed agenda to be discussed. Any topics to be covered must be sent in advance to techboard at dpdk.org

3. Update board charter on website
 * The website details of the Tech board is out of date, both membership and its mode of operation and scope
 * Thomas has already sent one proposed update out via email, in the form of patch to the website, and Hemant has already provided one comment
 * Thomas to send out a new draft, and all tech board members to comment or ack it to signal agreement.
 * Update won't be applied until all members ack. 
 * If not agreed before next meeting, should be discussed at that meeting

4. Issue of review and timely feedback
 * Discussion focused on review of patches for existing DPDK components/libraries
 * Agreed that patch maintainers are primarily responsible for accepting patches in their area, and need to ensure sufficient reviews are done
 * Once patch has been sufficiently reviewed, the maintainer should ack the patch
 * Any patches which have been acked by the maintainer, and which have no subsequent issues raised with them, should be automatically merged to the relevant tree after 2 weeks.
     - in case where the ack is received less than 2 weeks before a merge deadline, the point at which it can be automatically merged is 2 days before the deadline
     - To make a release, a patch must be acked by the maintainer at least 2 days before the merge deadline.
 * If not merged at the automatic-merge deadline itself, e.g. unavoidable delay by committer, any subsequent feedback received should be considered "too late", and must be addressed by a follow-on patch, rather than via a revision of the original submission.
 * Trivial patches may be merged sooner, or without maintainer ack, at the tree committers discretion.

5. Accept and review new libraries
 * Discussion begun on this topic, but no consensus reached before time ran out
 * Most members felt this topic was closely tied to the "scope" of DPDK as a project
 * Discussion to continue over email, and to be discussed at the next meeting if not resolved before then.

Agenda Topics Not Covered:
* Community questions/issues
* Any action for some old patches/threads?

Action Summary:
* Olivier to prepare agenda for next meeting, and send out reminders
* Thomas to send revised draft of website update for tech board membership etc.

* 2017 - 03 - 01 @ 3pm UTC

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