[dpdk-dev] technical board meeting minutes 2017-01-25

Thomas Monjalon thomas.monjalon at 6wind.com
Thu Jan 26 23:14:03 CET 2017

There was a DPDK technical board meeting yesterday.
The goal was to reply questions asked recently in the community.
Most of them originate from the meetings about moving to Linux Foundation.
Here are the minutes.

* Should we change the size of the tech board?
Yes we must increase the number of members to have a better
representation of the community.
It is reminded that board positions are held by individuals, not companies.
Members can move to a new company and keep their seat as long as they
are actively involved in the community.

* Should we remove some members?
Panu Matilainen resigned because he is not involved anymore.
This is different of a removal by the board.
However, we must define the removal process. Here it is:
It can be decided to remove a member if there is an approval of 2/3 of
the whole technical board.
It can be decided either to replace the member, or to redefine the size
of the board.

* Should we add new members?
The Linux Foundation draft charter specifies that employees of a single
company should not occupy more than 50% of board seats.
The technical board feels that this should be reduced to 40%.
So with a board of 8 or 9 members, the maximum for any company is 3.
We have chosen (with global consensus) 3 new members to join the technical board.
They will be announced soon when we will have their agreement.
The new board will probably count 9 members.

* Should we have a process to renew the board?
There will be some renewal when it will be felt as needed.
We would like to open a session at the next userspace meeting to get
some feedbacks about the composition of the technical board, and more
generally about its role.
This annual session at the userspace meeting might be the opportunity to
vote for the composition of the technical board.

* Should we have regular meetings?
We do not want to spend too many time in meetings.
However a short meeting (less than a hour) every two weeks may be relevant.

* What could be discussed at regular meetings?
Any contributor can ask to add a topic in the agenda by sending an email
to techboard at dpdk.org.
The board members will add any topic of interest in the agenda.
If a technical discussion lacks of explanation, details or evidence, it will
be asked on the mailing list.
If a patch does not receive any or enough comment, we will help to make it
progressing on the mailing list.
If there is no consensus in a discussion, a decision can be taken by the
technical board and explained on the mailing list.
If there is nothing to discuss, the meeting will be hopefully really short.

* Should we organize regular public IRC meetings?
It does not scale to have too many participants in a meeting.
In order to keep meetings short, they will be private.
Everybody can discuss on the mailing list.

* How to report the meeting minutes?
The meetings happen on IRC and may use voice if needed.
The role of meeting leader - whose role involves taking the meeting minutes -
will be rotated among the members so as to share the workload.
Minutes will be sent to dev at dpdk.org so anyone can comment.
However, the technical discussions should happen in the original thread.

Feel free to comment.
The next meeting should happen in less than three weeks.

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