[dpdk-dev] PCI domain size

Thomas Monjalon thomas at monjalon.net
Wed Jun 7 16:23:09 CEST 2017

25/05/2017 01:40, Stephen Hemminger:
> While working on SR-IOV support on Azure, it was discovered that some applications
> and drivers do not support full size PCI domains. On Azure environment the PCI pass
> through device has a synthetic domain value (ie generated by host) which is > 16 bits.
> The common PCI utilities (pci-utils) and Linux kernel both support
> full 32 bits but DPDK does not. FreeBSD also supports 32 bit domains.
> Changing the one place in DPDK (rte_pci.h) in source is trivial but of course
> it is a major ABI breakage which is a complete flag day. I.e no binary compatiabilty
> is possible.

I guess you are talking about
struct rte_pci_addr {
	uint16_t domain;
	uint8_t bus;
	uint8_t devid;
	uint8_t function;

I do not see why we would not change it to comply to the standard.
Do you want to propose a deprecation?

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