[dpdk-dev] [PATCH] net/bonding: support bifurcated driver in eal cli using --vdev

Thomas Monjalon thomas at monjalon.net
Fri Jun 16 16:34:41 CEST 2017

14/06/2017 12:49, Gowrishankar:
> At present, creating bonding devices using --vdev is broken for PMD like
> mlx5 as it is neither UIO nor VFIO based and hence PMD driver is unknown
> to find_port_id_by_pci_addr(), as below.
> testpmd <EAL args> --vdev 'net_bonding0,mode=1,slave=<PCI>,socket_id=0'
> PMD: bond_ethdev_parse_slave_port_kvarg(150) - Invalid slave port value
>  (<PCI ID>) specified
> EAL: Failed to parse slave ports for bonded device net_bonding0

Thanks for reporting.

> This patch adds RTE_KDRV_BIFURCATED in rte_kernel_driver for the PMD
> driver like mlx5 to be a known one.

The current kdrv value should be RTE_KDRV_UNKNOWN for Mellanox devices.
I do not see the value of creating a new type.

I think the issue is in the bonding code (find_port_id_by_pci_addr):

	* TODO: Once the PCI bus has arrived we should have a better
	* way to test for being a PCI device or not.
	if (rte_eth_devices[i].data->kdrv == RTE_KDRV_UNKNOWN ||
	    rte_eth_devices[i].data->kdrv == RTE_KDRV_NONE)

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