[dpdk-dev] DPDK techboard minutes of June 21

Thomas Monjalon thomas at monjalon.net
Fri Jun 23 11:39:37 CEST 2017

The last Technical Board meeting was held on June 21.

	Bruce Richardson
	Hemant Agrawal
	Jerin Jacob
	Keith Wiles
	Kevin Traynor
	Konstantin Ananyev
	Olivier Matz
	Stephen Hemminger
	Thomas Monjalon
	Yuanhan Liu 

* Release blocking issues

Need more reviews. A list of patches has been sent in a call for help:

* Check action points from minutes of last meeting

	- list of patches to call for review: done
	- bug tracking: someone is going to step up as bug manager
	- hosting of user repos: discussion in progress with Github and Linux Foundation

* Status of Xen support

It seems nobody is running DPDK inside Xen Dom0.
A patch will be sent to remove Dom0 hacks from EAL.
The driver xenvirt and the example vhost_xen could be removed later.

* Build system rework feedback and next step

The build system proposed by Bruce is a big change: it is using
Meson (http://mesonbuild.com) and Ninja (http://ninja-build.org).
It is more readable than makefiles, faster, provides better configuration,
and includes dependency checking and pkg-config generation.
More and more projects are switching to Meson: http://mesonbuild.com/Users.html

It will take long before its integration and general availability of Meson.
The development will happen in a new tree dpdk-next-build, and
could be merged in the main repository when it will be ready.
Then we will keep both build system for some time, updating both,
and we will switch definitely when everything is verified and sure.

* Governing board status

Bruce Richardson was the representative for the techboard members.
The new representative will be Hemant Agrawal starting July until
the end of September.

A budget was agreed during last meetings.

A DPDK lab will be hosted in InterOp Lab of University of New Hampshire
(UNH-IOL). It should be used for sanity checks of patches and
performance monitoring of branches.
Some efforts will be coordinated on ci at dpdk.org mailing list.
UNH-IOL should participate, and anyone is welcome to volunteer.

The Userspace summit will be in Dublin, probably in September.
The US summit will be in November.
Exact dates are going to be decided.

Minutes of Governing Board meetings are going to be sent.

* Next chair

In alphabetical order, Yuanhan Liu will chair the next meeting.

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