[dpdk-dev] [PATCH 3/5] cfgfile: add support for unamed global section

Dumitrescu, Cristian cristian.dumitrescu at intel.com
Fri Mar 3 11:53:16 CET 2017

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> Subject: [PATCH 3/5] cfgfile: add support for unamed global section
> The current implementation of the cfgfile library requires that all
> key=value pairs be within [SECTION] definitions.  The ini file standard
> allows for key=value pairs in an unnamed section.  That section is
> considered the [GLOBAL] section.
> This commit adds the capability of parsing key=value pairs from such an
> unnamed section. The CFG_FLAG_GLOBAL_SECTION flag must be passed to
> the
> rte_cfgfile_load() API to enable this functionality.

What is the motivation for the having key/value pair outside of any section? What would be the drawback of having the user explicitly define a GLOBAL section to host these key/value pairs?

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