[dpdk-dev] [PATCH v3 0/7] vmxnet3: upgrade to version 3

Shrikrishna Khare skhare at vmware.com
Mon Mar 6 23:55:00 CET 2017

vmxnet3 emulation has recently added several new features which includes
support for new commands the driver can issue to emulation, change in
descriptor fields etc. This patch series extends the vmxnet3 driver to
leverage these new features.

Compatibility is maintained using existing vmxnet3 versioning mechanism as
 - new features added to vmxnet3 emulation are associated with new vmxnet3
   version viz. vmxnet3 version 3.
 - emulation advertises all the versions it supports to the driver.
 - during initialization, vmxnet3 driver picks the highest version number
 supported by both the emulation and the driver and configures emulation
 to run at that version.

In particular, following changes are introduced:

Patch 1:
  Trivial cleanup in preparation of version 3 changes.

Patch 2:
  This patch introduces generalized command interface which allows
  for easily adding new commands that vmxnet3 driver can issue to the
  emulation. Further patches in this series make use of this facility.

Patch 3:
  Transmit data ring buffer is used to copy packet headers or small
  packets. It is a fixed size buffer. This patch extends the driver to
  allow variable sized transmit data ring buffer.

Patch 4:
  This patch introduces receive data ring buffer - a set of small sized
  buffers that are always mapped by the emulation. This avoids memory
  mapping/unmapping overhead for small packets.

Patch 5:
  This patch adds reserved commands.

Patch 6:
  In vmxnet3 version 3, the emulation added support for the vmxnet3 driver
  to communicate information about the memory regions the driver will use
  for rx/tx buffers. This patch exposes related commands to the driver. The
  driver is also extended to make use of this feaeture.

Patch 7:
  With all vmxnet3 version 3 changes incorporated in the vmxnet3 driver,
  with this patch, the driver can configure emulation to run at vmxnet3
  version 3.


Changes in v2:
  - updated release notes to document vmxnet3 version 3 support.
  - fixed coding style issues identified by checkpatches.sh.
  - fixed patch title style issued identified by check-git-log.sh.
  - fixed compilation issues hit when debug logging is turned on.

Change in v3:
  - fix a typo in commit message for add receive data ring change

Shrikrishna Khare (7):
  net/vmxnet3: prepare for version 3 changes
  net/vmxnet3: introduce generalized cmd interface
  net/vmxnet3: variable length transmit data ring
  net/vmxnet3: add receive data ring support
  net/vmxnet3: add reserved version 3 command
  net/vmxnet3: add cmd to register memory region
  net/vmxnet3: update to version 3

 doc/guides/rel_notes/release_17_05.rst  |   6 ++
 drivers/net/vmxnet3/base/vmxnet3_defs.h |  85 ++++++++++++++++--
 drivers/net/vmxnet3/vmxnet3_ethdev.c    | 154 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++-
 drivers/net/vmxnet3/vmxnet3_ethdev.h    |  28 ++++++
 drivers/net/vmxnet3/vmxnet3_ring.h      |  14 +++
 drivers/net/vmxnet3/vmxnet3_rxtx.c      |  55 +++++++++---
 6 files changed, 323 insertions(+), 19 deletions(-)


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