[dpdk-dev] Compiling DPDK 17.02 with a Busybox-based tar

Raphael Cohn raphael.cohn at stormmq.com
Tue Mar 14 08:58:18 CET 2017


To compile DPDK on a system with Busybox tar installed, it's necessary to
make a small change to the build system:-

    sed -i -e '/--keep-newer-files/d' mk/rte.sdkinstall.mk
    sed -i -e 's;--strip-components=1 \\;--strip-components=1;g' mk/

I'm not sure whether the impact of this change fundamentally affects DPDK.
I'm a little surprised that tar is needed at all for a compile + install,
but I haven't investigated further. Is it being used to do a copy?


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