[dpdk-dev] [PATCH v2 0/4] Rework tunnel filter functions

Beilei Xing beilei.xing at intel.com
Thu Mar 23 11:46:26 CET 2017

1. Rework tunnel filter functions to align with the new
   added cloud filer command buffer structure.
2. Support tunnel filter to VF for consistent filter API.

v2 changes:
 Remove replace cloud filter function as it's in share code.

Beilei Xing (4):
  net/i40e: rework tunnel filter functions
  net/i40e: change tunnel filter function name
  net/i40e: support tunnel filter to VF
  net/i40e: refine consistent tunnel filter

 drivers/net/i40e/i40e_ethdev.c | 245 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++------
 drivers/net/i40e/i40e_ethdev.h |  47 ++++++++
 drivers/net/i40e/i40e_flow.c   | 142 +++++++++++++-----------
 3 files changed, 336 insertions(+), 98 deletions(-)


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