[dpdk-dev] [PATCH] cryptodev: add API note

Declan Doherty declan.doherty at intel.com
Fri Mar 24 11:52:48 CET 2017

On 23/03/2017 5:36 PM, Fiona Trahe wrote:
> Add note to cryptodev API that chained mbufs
> are not supported in DOCSISBPI mode.
> Signed-off-by: Fiona Trahe <fiona.trahe at intel.com>
> ---

Hey Fiona,

Is this really a limitation of DOCSISBPI mode or just the PMDs which 
currently support these operations. I don't see any reason why DOCSISBPI 
mode cipher operation precludes scatter gather operations on the source 

If there is some fundamental reason why scatter gather operations can't 
be supported I think documenting this in the rte_crypto_cipher_algorithm 
enumeration comments make more sense than in the rte_crypto_sym_op 
structure, as we already specify extra requirements 

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