[dpdk-dev] [PATCH 00/28] bnxt: new features, bug fixes and more

Ajit Khaparde ajit.khaparde at broadcom.com
Tue Mar 28 05:48:35 CEST 2017

Apart from adding support for VF-PF/PF-VF communication, new dev_ops,
few bug fixes and improve debug capabilities, this patchset updates
the driver to the newer HWRM version 1.7.4

New dev_ops supported:
set_mc_addr_list, xstats_get/reset, mac_addr_set, vlan_filter_set,
vlan_strip_queue_set, vlan_offload_set, udp_tunnel_port_add/del

bug fixes:
use only long BDs in Tx path to avoid a potential bug in hardware,
fix interrupt handler, set the VMDQ pool size correctly

Derived from an autogenerated file, the last patch updates the
HWRM version to 1.7.4

Ajit Khaparde:
[01/28] bnxt: add hwrm_func_cfg_input/output structures
[04/28] bnxt: add new HWRM commands
[06/28] bnxt: add new HWRM commands to query VNIC info
[09/28] bnxt: add code to support VF QOS configuration
[14/28] bnxt: Add support for udp_tunnel_port_add/del dev_ops
[15/28] bnxt: Update tx offload capabilities
[16/28] bnxt: add support for set VF MAC anti spoof
[20/28] bnxt: Add support to set VF rxmode
[23/28] bnxt: Add support for VLAN filter and strip dev_ops
[24/28] bnxt: Add support for mac_addr_set dev_op
[25/28] bnxt: add support for xstats
[26/28] bnxt: use only long BDs in Tx path
[27/28] bnxt: add support for set_mc_addr_list dev_op
[28/28] bnxt: update to HWRM version 1.7.4

Stephen Hurd:
[02/28] bnxt: add code to support PF, VF configuration
[03/28] bnxt: add additonal HWRM debug info to error messages
[05/28] bnxt: add support for PF/VF communications
[10/28] bnxt: support for VF VLAN filtering
[11/28] bnxt: set the VMDQ pool size correctly
[12/28] bnxt: improve some of the log messages
[13/28] bnxt: fix interrupt handler
[17/28] bnxt: implement VF VLAN stripq functionality
[18/28] bnxt: support lack of huge pages
[19/28] bnxt: add code to configure a default VF VLAN
[21/28] bnxt: Add VF stats get/reset functions
[22/28] bnxt: Add newlines to all RTE_LOG() format strings

Steeven Li:
[07/28] bnxt: add functions for tx_loopback and queues_drop_en
[08/28] bnxt: support setting VF mac address

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