[dpdk-dev] [PATCH 00/28] bnxt: new features, bug fixes and more

Ferruh Yigit ferruh.yigit at intel.com
Wed Mar 29 14:14:31 CEST 2017

On 3/28/2017 4:48 AM, Ajit Khaparde wrote:
> Apart from adding support for VF-PF/PF-VF communication, new dev_ops,
> few bug fixes and improve debug capabilities, this patchset updates
> the driver to the newer HWRM version 1.7.4
> New dev_ops supported:
> set_mc_addr_list, xstats_get/reset, mac_addr_set, vlan_filter_set,
> vlan_strip_queue_set, vlan_offload_set, udp_tunnel_port_add/del
> bug fixes:
> use only long BDs in Tx path to avoid a potential bug in hardware,
> fix interrupt handler, set the VMDQ pool size correctly
> Derived from an autogenerated file, the last patch updates the
> HWRM version to 1.7.4

Hi Ajit,

It looks like bnxt also started supporting PMD specific APIs in this
patchset. Perhaps we should investigate them if are there common ones
with other PMDs and if so move them to ethdev layer instead of PMD
specific API.

BTW, There are new PMD features in this patchset, and patchset sent two
days before integration deadline.

The process is, new feature patches sent before proposal deadline, which
was March 3 for this release, and let patches reviewed and new versions
sent until integration deadline. If patches acked before integration
deadline, they are integrated.

So this patchset is too late for this release, will be considered for
next release.

If you have urgent fixes, please separate them into another patchset,
and we can work on them to get into this release, but still it is so
close to integration deadline, no promises.


> Ajit Khaparde:
> [01/28] bnxt: add hwrm_func_cfg_input/output structures
> [04/28] bnxt: add new HWRM commands
> [06/28] bnxt: add new HWRM commands to query VNIC info
> [09/28] bnxt: add code to support VF QOS configuration
> [14/28] bnxt: Add support for udp_tunnel_port_add/del dev_ops
> [15/28] bnxt: Update tx offload capabilities
> [16/28] bnxt: add support for set VF MAC anti spoof
> [20/28] bnxt: Add support to set VF rxmode
> [23/28] bnxt: Add support for VLAN filter and strip dev_ops
> [24/28] bnxt: Add support for mac_addr_set dev_op
> [25/28] bnxt: add support for xstats
> [26/28] bnxt: use only long BDs in Tx path
> [27/28] bnxt: add support for set_mc_addr_list dev_op
> [28/28] bnxt: update to HWRM version 1.7.4
> Stephen Hurd:
> [02/28] bnxt: add code to support PF, VF configuration
> [03/28] bnxt: add additonal HWRM debug info to error messages
> [05/28] bnxt: add support for PF/VF communications
> [10/28] bnxt: support for VF VLAN filtering
> [11/28] bnxt: set the VMDQ pool size correctly
> [12/28] bnxt: improve some of the log messages
> [13/28] bnxt: fix interrupt handler
> [17/28] bnxt: implement VF VLAN stripq functionality
> [18/28] bnxt: support lack of huge pages
> [19/28] bnxt: add code to configure a default VF VLAN
> [21/28] bnxt: Add VF stats get/reset functions
> [22/28] bnxt: Add newlines to all RTE_LOG() format strings
> Steeven Li:
> [07/28] bnxt: add functions for tx_loopback and queues_drop_en
> [08/28] bnxt: support setting VF mac address
> Please apply.

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