[dpdk-dev] [PATCH 00/28] bnxt: new features, bug fixes and more

Ajit Khaparde ajit.khaparde at broadcom.com
Wed Mar 29 21:31:25 CEST 2017

> The process is, new feature patches sent before proposal deadline, which
> was March 3 for this release, and let patches reviewed and new versions
> sent until integration deadline. If patches acked before integration
> deadline, they are integrated.
> So this patchset is too late for this release, will be considered for
> next release.
> If you have urgent fixes, please separate them into another patchset,
> and we can work on them to get into this release, but still it is so
> close to integration deadline, no promises.
​Well, I posted the patches as they got ready. So I understand.


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