[dpdk-dev] DPDK techboard minutes of August 30

Jerin Jacob jerin.jacob at caviumnetworks.com
Wed Sep 6 04:57:35 CEST 2017

Hi all,

Here are the meeting notes for the last DPDK technical board meeting
held on 2017-08-30.

- Bruce Richardson
- Declan Doherty
- Hemant Agrawal
- Jan Blunck
- Jerin Jacob
- Konstantin Ananyev
- Keith Wiles
- Olivier Matz
- Stephen Hemminger
- Thomas Monjalon

1) A "dpdk-draft-ipsec" tree on dpdk.org has been approved for collaborating
the on going IPSec offload work. The committers details for this repo
is not yet finalized. Hemant will send the committer details after
discussing with interested parties.

2) The CLI discussion

Discussed the following aspects of CLI
a) Packaging
- The standalone library vs DPDK specific CLI library. Discussed the pros and cons
of both approaches. But not yet finalized on the particular scheme.
b) DPDK integration
- Removal or improve existing cmdline library vs a new CLI library. Not yet
finalized on this aspect. Keith submitted a presentation for the Dublin user-space summit on CLI.
- In order to complete the integration, The existing dpdk.org applications MUST
convert to use the new the CLI APIs
c) Git hosting
- A "dpdk-draft-cli" tree on dpdk.org has been approved for CLI work.

3) The policy for creating new draft trees on dpdk.org will be discussed at 
Dublin User space summit.

4) There was an agreement on bumping the HW requirement to treat similar to
ABI deprecation process. Bruce will send a patch to update the contributor's guide.

5) Next chair

In alphabetical order, Konstantin Ananyev will chair the next meeting.


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