[dpdk-dev] 19.02 Intel Roadmap

Thomas Monjalon thomas at monjalon.net
Sun Dec 2 01:17:09 CET 2018


23/11/2018 12:11, O'Driscoll, Tim:
> As discussed at yesterday's Release Status Meeting, we need to update our Roadmap page (http://core.dpdk.org/roadmap/) for 19.02. The features that we plan to contribute are described below. We'll submit a patch to update the roadmap page with this info.
> vDPA Live Migration Software Fallback: The current vDPA library provides the vDPA driver an interface to implement hardware-based dirty page logging. A software fallback option will be added to handle situations where the hardware does not log dirty pages.
> IPsec Library: An initial version of a DPDK IPsec library will be provided. This will define data structures and APIs to prepare IPsec data for crypto processing, APIs to handle ESP header encap/decap for tunnel and transport modes, and capabilities such as initialising Security Associations. The existing IPsec Security Gateway sample application (ipsec-secgw) will be updated to use the new library.
> Compression Performance Test Tool: A performance test application will be created which will allow performance testing of compression PMDs.
> I40E Queue Request: A new operation (VIRTCHNL_OP_REQUEST_QUEUES) will be implemented to allow an I40E VF to request a specific number of queues from the PF.

What about the new PMD ice for Intel E810?

It is not planned to be part of DPDK 19.02?

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