[dpdk-dev] Marking symbols as experimental in the headers only

David Marchand david.marchand at redhat.com
Mon Dec 3 14:01:02 CET 2018

Hello Neil,

Looking at
is there a real need to mark both the definition and the declaration of a
symbol with the __rte_experimental marker ?

My understanding is that the whole point of having this marker is so that
rte_compat.h check trigger warnings when trying to use such a symbol from
the caller side.
As long as the header where the symbol is published is included from the
file that defines the symbol, then the forward declaration ensures the
symbol will catch the tag, right ?

I would prefer marking the symbols only once in the header and write this
as the recommended way in the documentation.

Do you see any issue doing this ?

We have found an inconsistency, with a symbol marked as experimental in its
.c but not the .h ... will come up with a fix later.

David Marchand

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