[dpdk-dev] Minutes of Technical Board meeting 2018-09-12

Bruce Richardson bruce.richardson at intel.com
Mon Dec 3 18:04:33 CET 2018

Technical Board meeting Minute for 2018-09-12

1. New Technical Board Member
	* Maxime Coquelin has been offered a place on the technical board and has accepted the role.
	* Thomas to add Maxime to the techboard mailing list and website list

2. Minimum Kernel version for DPDK
	* Current policy that we should support the "oldest long term stable kernel available" was felt to be generally acceptable
	* However, it was also the consensus that DPDK should support kernel versions in current versions of enterprise Linux distros (e.g. Redhat, SuSE, Ubuntu), even if they are older.

3. Security Process - review discussions @ Dublin Summit
	* Mailing list will be created "security at dpdk.org", going to main tree committers
	* Need to create support in Bugzilla for tracking security issues in a secure manner.
	* Full security process to be created/written based on what LF and fd.io currently have. Maxime to lead the effort with help from others.

4. IPSec
	* Consensus on hosting this as part of the main DPDK project.
	* Interested participants [Konstantin, Hemant, Jerin], to discuss specifics of interaction with security library etc. on mailing list.

5. Updated website
	* General discussion of website, concern about hardware list and it being out of date.
	* Ask for maintainers to send regular updates to the website when needed.

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