[dpdk-dev] [PATCH] test/metrics: Fixed a negative case to pass

Remy Horton remy.horton at intel.com
Fri Dec 7 12:45:21 CET 2018

Git apply choked on the patch but it applied using patch -p0 - I'm 
guessing this is a problem with patches made using diff rather than git 
format-patch. The change itself is fine though. :)

On 06/12/2018 15:01, Harman Kalra wrote:
> Negative test case for passing invalid count size to
> rte_metrics_update_values() will pass if count value
> is any value greater than 1 because set size wrt to
> key id 1 is 1 and passing 0 as no of values to be
> updated will not hit the ERANGE check.
> Signed-off-by: Harman Kalra <hkalra at marvell.com>

Missing fixline:

Fixes: cd3804242901 ("test/metrics: add unit tests for metrics library")

Acked-by: Remy Horton <remy.horton at intel.com>

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