[dpdk-dev] [RFC v2] /net: memory interface (memif)

Honnappa Nagarahalli Honnappa.Nagarahalli at arm.com
Mon Dec 17 05:26:01 CET 2018

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> >> On Dec 10, 2018, at 4:06 AM, Jakub Grajciar <jgrajcia at cisco.com> wrote:
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> > I do not like being the coding style police, but that is most of the comments
> here and I will try to test this one later this week. Plus I am sure I missed some
> style problems, if you have not read the coding style for DPDK please have a
> read.
> >
> > http://doc.dpdk.org/guides/contributing/coding_style.html
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> > One comment, why did you include all of the code to handle memif instead
> of including the libmemif.a from VPP. I worry if libmemif is changed then we
> have a breakage. I do not mind the PMD being standalone and I do like not
> having the dependence.
Just for my understanding, do you mean to say we could include the libmemif.a as a binary in DPDK?

IMO, I would like to view DPDK as the device abstraction and VPP as the protocol stack built on top. From this perspective, it is good to have standalone memif in DPDK.

> >
> > As I did not dive into the code much it does look reasonable and I hope to
> give it a try later this week.
> >>
> A couple more items, do you plan on writing the documentation for the PMD
> and provide an example program?
+1, would be good to have a cover letter.
I would like to run this on Arm platforms, mostly in the beginning of Jan.

> Regards,
> Keith

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