[dpdk-dev] [RFC] kni: remove ethtool support

Ferruh Yigit ferruh.yigit at intel.com
Tue Dec 18 19:17:24 CET 2018

On 12/18/2018 9:20 AM, Ferruh Yigit wrote:
> On 12/18/2018 8:20 AM, Igor Ryzhov wrote:
>> Hi Ferruh,
>> Please, look at my patch http://patches.dpdk.org/patch/48454/ and consider
>> rebasing your patch over mine.
> Sorry about that, yes I will check it today.

Hi Igor,

I put some comments on your patch.

As far as I can see it also has a target to remove current type of ethtool
support, so this RFC should not be a concern to you.
All ethtool support can be removed, when you have an actual solution for driver
independent ethtool support only a little code needs to be added back.


>> As we discussed with Stephen, KNI needs to supply ethtool_ops with
>> .get_link function, to properly support link status.
>> So we should save ethtool_ops and implement .get_link using standard
>> ethtool_op_get_link.
>> Best regards,
>> Igor

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