[dpdk-dev] 18.08.1 patches review and test

Kevin Traynor ktraynor at redhat.com
Thu Dec 20 12:37:57 CET 2018

(resend with correct subject)

Hi all,

Here is a list of patches targeted for stable release 18.08.1. Please
help review and test. The planned date for the final release is 16th
January. Before that, please shout if anyone has objections with these
patches being applied.

Also for the companies committed to running regression tests,
please run the tests and report any issue before the release date.

A release candidate tarball can be found at:


These patches are located at branch 18.08 of dpdk-stable repo:


Kevin Traynor

Adrien Mazarguil (1):
      net/mlx5: fix artificial L4 limitation on switch flow rules

Agalya Babu RadhaKrishnan (4):
      vfio: disable in FreeBSD build with meson
      net/nfp: disable in FreeBSD build with meson
      net/avp: disable in FreeBSD build with meson
      net/softnic: disable in FreeBSD build with meson

Ajit Khaparde (4):
      net/bnxt: fix MTU setting
      net/bnxt: set MAC filtering as outer for non tunnel frames
      net/bnxt: set a VNIC as default only once
      net/bnxt: remove excess log messages

Akash Saxena (1):
      crypto/openssl: fix RSA verify operation

Alejandro Lucero (6):
      ethdev: fix MAC changes when live change not supported
      net/nfp: fix live MAC changes not supported
      net/nfp: fix mbuf flags with checksum good
      ethdev: fix error handling in create function
      net/nfp: fix RSS
      bus/pci: compare kernel driver instead of interrupt handler

Ali Alnubani (4):
      net/mlx4: fix minor typo
      net/mlx5: fix minor typos
      net/mlx4: fix initialization of struct members
      net/mlx5: fix initialization of struct members

Anatoly Burakov (10):
      fbarray: fix detach in --no-shconf mode
      eal: do not allow legacy mode with --in-memory mode
      mem: fix undefined behavior in NUMA-aware mapping
      mem: improve segment list preallocation
      mem: fix resource leak
      ipc: remove panic in async request
      malloc: fix adjacency check to also include segment list
      usertools: check for lspci dependency
      ipc: fix access after async request failure
      mem: fix division by zero in no-NUMA mode

Andrew Rybchenko (2):
      net/sfc/base: fix build because of no declaration
      net/sfc: receive prepared packets even in Rx exception case

Andy Moreton (4):
      net/sfc/base: properly align on line continuation
      net/sfc/base: add space after sizeof
      net/sfc/base: fix ID retrieval in v3 licensing
      net/sfc/base: fix MAC Tx stats for less or equal to 64 bytes

Anoob Joseph (5):
      examples/ipsec-secgw: fix wrong session size
      app/test-crypto-perf: fix check for auth key
      app/test-crypto-perf: fix check for cipher IV
      app/test-crypto-perf: fix double allocation of memory
      net/octeontx: fix failures when available ports > queues

Asaf Penso (1):
      net/mlx5: fix function documentation

Bei Sun (1):
      net/bnxt: set VLAN strip mode before default VNIC cfg

Beilei Xing (5):
      net/e1000: fix queue number in RSS configuration
      net/avf: remove keeping CRC configuration
      net/i40e: update Tx offload mask
      net/i40e: fix Rx instability with vector mode
      net/i40e: fix X710 Rx after reading some registers

Brian Archbold (1):
      app/testpmd: fix duplicate exit

Bruce Richardson (3):
      compat: fix symbol version support with meson
      net/avf: fix unused variables and label
      net/avf: fix missing compiler error flags

Chaitanya Babu Talluri (1):
      efd: fix write unlock during ring creation

Chas Williams (2):
      net/bonding: fix Rx slave fairness
      net/virtio: do not re-enter clean up routines

Cristian Dumitrescu (1):
      examples/ip_pipeline: fix port and table stats read

Damjan Marion (1):
      net/i40e: fix 25G AOC and ACC cable detection on XXV710

Darek Stojaczyk (4):
      malloc: check size hint when reserving the biggest element
      vfio: fix read of freed memory on getting container fd
      vfio: share default container in multi-process
      vfio: do not needlessly setup device in secondary process

Dariusz Stojaczyk (2):
      ipc: fix undefined behavior in no-shconf mode
      vfio: check if group fd is already open

David Hunt (1):
      examples/vm_power: respect maximum CPUs

David Marchand (1):
      devtools: fix symbol check when adding experimental section

Dekel Peled (3):
      ethdev: fix missing names in Tx offload name array
      net/mlx5: fix packet type for MPLS in UDP
      net/mlx5: fix validation of Rx queue number

Dharmik Thakkar (1):
      test/hash: fix build

Didier Pallard (7):
      net: fix Intel prepare function for IP checksum offload
      net/e1000: fix missing Tx multi-segs capability
      net/fm10k: fix missing Tx multi-segs capability
      net/i40e: fix missing Tx multi-segs capability
      net/ixgbe: fix missing Tx multi-segs capability
      drivers/net: fix several Tx prepare functions
      net/i40e: revert fix offload not supported mask

Eric Zhang (1):
      net/virtio-user: check negotiated features before set

Evgeny Im (1):
      net/failsafe: remove not supported multicast MAC filter

Faicker Mo (1):
      net/ixgbe: fix flow create in ntuple check

Fan Zhang (5):
      cryptodev: fix library version
      vhost/crypto: fix inferred misuse of enum
      bus/pci: fix config r/w access
      vhost/crypto: fix packet copy in chaining mode
      crypto/aesni_mb: fix queue pair free

Ferruh Yigit (21):
      app/testpmd: fix displaying RSS hash functions
      drivers/net: fix log type string
      mbuf: fix library version on meson build
      ring: add library version to meson build
      kni: fix build on Linux 4.19
      fix global variable issues
      bus/dpaa: fix build with gcc 9.0
      eal: fix build with gcc 9.0
      ethdev: fix redundant function pointer check
      app/testpmd: fix Tx offload flags
      net/avf/base: fix shifting 32-bit signed variable 31 times
      net/bnxt: fix uninitialized variable access
      lib: fix shifting 32-bit signed variable 31 times
      service: fix possible null access
      vhost: fix possible out of bound access
      test: fix build
      crypto/ccp: fix resource leak
      test/reorder: fix out of bound access
      net/i40e/base: fix comment referencing internal data
      bus/pci: fix allocation of device path
      ethdev: eliminate interim variable

Fiona Trahe (8):
      crypto/qat: fix typo
      compress/qat: fix checksum on decompression
      compress/qat: remove unnecessary assignment
      test/crypto: fix number of queue pairs
      common/qat: fix failure to create PMD
      common/qat: fix for invalid response from firmware
      compressdev: clarify usage of op structure
      compressdev: fix op allocation

Gaetan Rivet (1):
      devargs: fix variadic parsing memory leak

Gautam Dawar (1):
      net/sfc/base: fix out of bounds read when dereferencing sdup

Gavin Hu (5):
      ring/c11: synchronize load and store of the tail
      ring/c11: move atomic load of head above the loop
      ring/c11: keep deterministic order allowing retry to work
      ring/c11: relax ordering for load and store of the head
      doc: add cross-compilation in sample apps guide

Haiyue Wang (2):
      net/avf: fix build with debug enabled
      net/i40e: enable loopback function for X722 MAC

Harry van Haaren (1):
      event/sw: fix cq index check for unlink usecases

Hemant Agrawal (3):
      net/dpaa: fix jumbo buffer config
      event/dpaa2: fix mbuf assignment in atomic processing
      net/dpaa2: fix VLAN filter enablement

Herakliusz Lipiec (2):
      app/testpmd: fix printf format in event callback
      examples/ipv4_multicast: fix leak of cloned packets

Honnappa Nagarahalli (2):
      build: enable ARM NEON flag when __aarch64__ defined
      hash: fix key store element alignment

Huaibin Wang (1):
      net/i40e: keep promiscuous on if allmulticast is enabled

Hyong Youb Kim (6):
      net/enic: do not use non-standard integer types
      net/enic: set Rx VLAN offload flag for non-stripped packets
      net/enic: explicitly disable overlay offload
      app/testpmd: check Rx VLAN offload flag to print VLAN TCI
      net/enic: fix supported packet types
      net/enic: fix size check in Tx prepare handler

Ian Dolzhansky (1):
      net/failsafe: add checks for deferred queue setup

Igor Romanov (7):
      net/bonding: use evenly distributed default RSS RETA
      net/bonding: do not ignore RSS key on device config
      net/failsafe: fix crash on slave queue release
      net/sfc: fix an Rx queue double release possibility
      net/sfc: fix a Tx queue double release possibility
      net/failsafe: report actual device capabilities
      net/sfc/base: fix field order in filter spec struct

Ilya Maximets (10):
      doc: fix style and syntax in flow API guide
      vhost: fix zmbufs array leak after NUMA realloc
      vhost-user: drop connection on message handling failures
      doc: fix typos in the flow API guide
      net/ixgbe: fix busy polling while fiber link update
      net/ixgbe: stop link setup alarm handler before start
      doc: fix DESTDIR variable name in meson guide
      eal/bsd: fix possible IOPL fd leak
      net/virtio: avoid annoying IOPL error log
      vhost: fix double read of descriptor flags

Ivan Malov (5):
      net/sfc/base: fix name of the argument to store RSS flags
      net/sfc/base: fix a typo in unicast filter insertion comment
      net/sfc: do not skip RSS configuration step on reconfigure
      net/sfc: allow to query RSS key and HF in isolated mode
      net/sfc: allow to query RSS key and HF when RSS is disabled

Jasvinder Singh (4):
      app/testpmd: fix metering and policing commands
      app/testpmd: fix memory leak for TM object
      app/testpmd: fix memory allocation for DSCP table
      app/testpmd: fix memory leak for DSCP table

Jeff Guo (1):
      igb_uio: fix unexpected removal for hot-unplug

Jerin Jacob (12):
      mk: disable OcteonTx for buggy compilers only on arm64
      net/octeontx: fix packet corruption on Tx
      doc: fix eventdev shared library version
      app/testpmd: fix csum parse-tunnel command invocation
      mbuf: fix Tx offload mask
      doc: clarify L3 Tx checksum prerequisite
      doc: clarify L4 Tx checksum prerequisite
      mbuf: fix offload flag name and list
      doc: clarify VLAN and QinQ Tx offload prerequisite
      app/testpmd: fix QinQ strip display option
      crypto/scheduler: fix build with gcc 8.2
      doc: clarify TSO Tx offload prerequisite

Jia Yu (1):
      net/bonding: fix buffer corruption in packets

Jiayu Hu (1):
      vhost: fix corner case for enqueue operation

John Daley (1):
      net/enic: fix flow API memory leak

Joyce Kong (1):
      config: enable more than 128 cores for arm64

Junxiao Shi (1):
      cryptodev: fix pool element size for undefined operation

Kamil Chalupnik (1):
      app/bbdev: fix inputs mbuf creation

Konstantin Ananyev (3):
      acl: forbid rule with priority zero
      ip_frag: check fragment length of incoming packet
      bpf: fix x86 JIT for immediate loads

Leah Tekoa (1):
      app/testpmd: fix RED byte stats

Lee Daly (2):
      compress/isal: fix uncleared compression states
      net/bonding: fix possible silent failure in configuration

Li Han (1):
      ip_frag: fix overflow in key comparison

Luca Boccassi (13):
      net/ixgbe: do not return internal code
      eal: include missing hypervisor files in meson
      raw/ifpga: use -Wno-error=format-security for meson
      net/i40e: use -Wno-error=format-security for meson
      igb_uio: install module when building with meson
      build: create relative symlinks for PMDs in libdir
      net/e1000: do not error out if Rx drop enable is set
      net/virtio: register/unregister intr handler on start/stop
      eal/linux: handle UIO read failure in interrupt handler
      net/vmxnet3: fix hot-unplug
      net/mlx5: fallback quietly if pkg-config is unavailable
      build: set -mfpu=neon flag for armv7-a with meson
      net/ixgbe/base: add LHA ID

Mark Spender (1):
      net/sfc/base: prevent access to the NIC config before probe

Marko Kovacevic (3):
      app/pdump: fix port id storage size
      doc: fix formatting in IP reassembly app guide
      drivers/crypto: fix wrongly assignment of digest_len

Martin Harvey (6):
      net/sfc/base: fix PreFAST warnings because of unused return
      net/sfc/base: fix invalid order of memset arguments
      net/sfc/base: fix output buffer SAL annotation
      net/sfc/base: fix SAL annotation for input buffers
      net/sfc/base: check size of memory to read sensors data to
      net/sfc/base: avoid usage of too big arrays on stack

Matthew Smith (1):
      net/ixgbe: wait longer for link after fiber MAC setup

Maxime Coquelin (5):
      vhost: fix error handling when mem table gets updated
      vhost: avoid memory barriers when no descriptors dequeued
      vhost: fix packed ring constants declaration
      vhost: fix payload size of reply
      vhost: fix crash after mmap failure

Michal Krawczyk (1):
      net/ena: recreate HW IO rings on start and stop

Moti Haimovsky (1):
      examples/l3fwd-power: fix power library fallback

Naga Suresh Somarowthu (1):
      test/kni: check module dependency

Natalie Samsonov (1):
      net/mvpp2: fix comments and error messages

Neil Horman (2):
      devtools: relax rule for identifying symbol section
      devtools: fix regex in symbol addition check

Nikhil Rao (7):
      eventdev: fix eth Rx adapter hotplug incompatibility
      test/event: remove eth Rx adapter vdev workaround
      test/event: fix build for timer adapter
      test/event: fix RSS config for eth Rx adapter
      test/event: fix eth Rx adapter test for skeleton PMD
      test/event: fix Rx adapter intr test for skeleton PMD
      eventdev: fix unlock in Rx adapter

Nipun Gupta (1):
      net/dpaa2: fix IOVA conversion for congestion memory

Nitin Saxena (1):
      net/octeontx: fix mbuf corruption with large private sizes

Ori Kam (3):
      examples/flow_filtering: filter out unsupported offloads
      examples/flow_filtering: remove VLAN item
      examples/flow_filtering: fix capability setting

Pablo de Lara (2):
      crypto/aesni_mb: fix possible array overrun
      crypto/aesni_mb: fix truncated digest size for CMAC

Pallantla Poornima (3):
      test/power: fix ACPI cpufreq module miss fallback
      test/kni: fix module miss fallback
      test/power: skip KVM autotest if cannot run

Paul Luse (1):
      bus/vdev: fix multi-process IPC buffer leak on scan

Paul M Stillwell Jr (1):
      ethdev: fix doxygen comment to be with structure

Pavan Nikhilesh (2):
      test/event: check burst mode capability
      app/eventdev: fix minor typos

Pawel Wodkowski (1):
      mem: fix --huge-unlink option

Phil Yang (7):
      app/testpmd: optimize mbuf pool allocation
      app/testpmd: fix vdev socket initialization
      app/testpmd: fix physical port socket initialization
      kni: fix FIFO synchronization
      kni: fix kernel FIFO synchronization
      app/testpmd: reserve NUMA node per port and per ring
      test: release ring resources after PMD perf test

Qi Zhang (10):
      bus/vdev: fix error log on secondary device scan
      config: remove unused parameter
      net/i40e: fix send admin queue command before init
      net/i40e/base: fix partition id calculation for X722
      net/i40e/base: improve the polling mechanism
      net/i40e/base: read LLDP config area with correct endianness
      net/i40e/base: properly clean resources
      net/i40e/base: gracefully clean the resources
      net/i40e/base: correct global reset timeout calculation
      bus/vdev: fix devargs after multi-process bus scan

Qiming Yang (2):
      test: fix interrupt check
      net/i40e: fix getting RSS configuration

Radu Nicolau (5):
      net/bonding: stop and deactivate slaves on stop
      net/bonding: fix crash on probe
      app/testpmd: fix port status for new bonded devices
      net/bonding: fix crash when stopping mode 4 port
      examples/bond: fix crash when there is no active slave

Rafal Kozik (3):
      doc: add VFIO in ENA guide
      net/ena: fix cleaning HW IO rings configuration
      net/ena: fix out of order completion

Rahul Lakkireddy (7):
      net/cxgbe: announce Rx scatter offload
      net/cxgbevf: add PCI uninitialization for VF
      net/cxgbe: check Rx config before doing VLAN strip offload
      net/cxgbe: fix check for redefined match items
      net/cxgbe: increase completion wait time for flow operations
      net/cxgbe: fix wrong ingress port value set in filter spec
      net/cxgbe: fix control queue mbuf pool naming convention

Rami Rosen (5):
      doc: fix wrong usage of bind command
      examples/vhost: remove unnecessary constant
      bpf: fix a typo
      doc: fix function name in flow filtering app guide
      doc: fix a typo in testpmd guide

Rasesh Mody (10):
      net/qede/base: fix to handle stag update event
      net/qede: fix ethernet type in HW registers
      net/qede/base: fix logic for sfp get/set
      net/bnx2x: fix logging to include device name
      net/bnx2x: fix to disable further interrupts
      net/bnx2x: fix call to link handling periodic function
      net/bnx2x: fix to add PHY lock
      net/bnx2x: fix dynamic logging
      net/bnx2x: fix VF link state update
      net/bnx2x: cleanup info logs

Raslan Darawsheh (2):
      net/tap: fix reported number of Tx packets
      app/testpmd: fix L4 length for UDP checksum

Reshma Pattan (5):
      pdump: remove dependency on libpthread
      app/testpmd: fix missing jump action in flow action
      examples/ip_pipeline: fix IPv6 endianness
      net/softnic: fix IPv6 endianness
      latency: fix timestamp marking and latency calculation

Richard Houldsworth (1):
      net/sfc/base: make last byte of module information available

Rosen Xu (2):
      raw/ifpga: check probing error
      app/testpmd: fix shaper profile parameters

Sachin Saxena (1):
      net/dpaa: fix link speed based on MAC type

Shagun Agrawal (1):
      net/cxgbe: fix memory access when parsing flow match items

Shahaf Shuler (6):
      net/mlx5: disable ConnectX-4 Lx Multi Packet Send by default
      net/mlx5: fix RSS flow action hash type selection
      net/mlx5: support missing counter in extended statistics
      net/mlx5: add representor specific statistics
      net/mlx5: always use representor ifindex for ioctl
      net: fix build with pedantic

Shahed Shaikh (5):
      net/qede: fix flow director for IPv6 filter
      net/qede: fix Rx buffer size calculation
      net/qede/base: fix MFW FLR flow
      net/qede: fix Tx tunnel offload support mask
      net/qede: fix Tx offload mask

Shreyansh Jain (2):
      bus/fslmc: fix physical addressing check
      raw/skeleton: fix memory leak on test failure

Somnath Kotur (2):
      net/bnxt: get rid of ff pools and use VNIC info array
      net/bnxt: fix uninitialized pointer access in Tx

Stephen Hemminger (13):
      net/netvsc: fix chimney buffer size error handling
      net/netvsc: resize event buffer as needed
      ethdev: fix port ownership logs
      igb_uio: fix refcount if open returns error
      net/failsafe: use prefix for function
      doc: remove invalid config option from ena guide
      doc: remove invalid config options from liquidio guide
      net/qede: remove invalid config option checks
      doc: fix spelling in PMD guides
      net/mlx5: use pkg-config to handle SUSE libmnl
      bus/vmbus: fix directory handle leak on error
      net/tap: fix file descriptor leak on error
      net/tap: fix file descriptor check

Stewart Allen (1):
      net/ena: fix passing RSS hash to mbuf

Subrahmanyam Nilla (1):
      net/thunderx: fix Tx desc corruption in scatter-gather mode

Szymon Sliwa (1):
      crypto/mvsam: update hash digest sizes

Takeshi Yoshimura (1):
      vfio: fix sPAPR IOMMU mapping

Thomas Monjalon (10):
      kvargs: fix processing a null list
      kni: fix build on Linux < 3.14
      ethdev: fix doxygen comments of shared data fields
      eal/x86: remove unused memcpy file
      pci: fix parsing of address without function number
      eal: fix build with -O1
      kni: fix possible uninitialized variable
      net/mlx4: fix possible uninitialized variable
      fix indentation in symbol maps
      fix dpdk.org URLs

Timothy Redaelli (2):
      vhost/crypto: fix shared lib build without cryptodev
      net/qede: fix crash when configure fails

Tiwei Bie (20):
      malloc: fix potential null pointer dereference
      vhost: fix vhost interrupt support
      vhost: fix return value on enqueue path
      net/virtio-user: fix deadlock in memory events callback
      net/virtio-user: fix memory hotplug support in vhost-kernel
      net/virtio-user: fix multiple queue for vhost-kernel
      net/virtio: add missing supported features
      vhost: fix notification for packed ring
      vhost: fix vector filling for packed ring
      net/vhost: fix parameters string
      net/virtio-user: do not stop stopped device again
      net/virtio-user: do not make vhost channel non-block
      net/virtio-user: do not reset owner when driver resets
      net/virtio-user: fix device features for server mode
      net/virtio: fix guest announce support
      vhost: fix IOVA access for packed ring
      net/virtio-user: fix typo in error message
      net/virtio: fix unchecked return value
      vhost: remove unneeded null pointer check
      doc: remove old options from pdump guide

Tomasz Cel (1):
      doc: fix missing CCM to QAT feature list

Tomasz Duszynski (3):
      net/mvpp2: fix array initialization
      doc: fix typo for cryptodev
      crypto/mvsam: fix shared library build

Tomasz Jozwiak (1):
      compressdev: fix compression API description

Vijay Srivastava (2):
      net/sfc/base: fix outer IPID field in TSO option descriptors
      net/sfc/base: add check for TUNNEL module in NIC reset API

Vipin Varghese (1):
      net/tap: fix probe for multiq or flowq failure

Vivek Sharma (1):
      eal: use correct data type for bitmap slab operations

Wei Zhao (3):
      net/ixgbe: fix RSS flow error return
      app/testpmd: fix Rx offload search
      net/ixgbe: fix Rx LRO capability offload for x550

Wenzhuo Lu (2):
      ethdev: fix invalid configuration after failure
      ethdev: fix device info getting

Xiao Wang (2):
      net/ifc: do not notify before HW ready
      net/ifc: fix address translation function name

Xiaolong Ye (4):
      net/i40e: cancel alarm handler at the end of closure
      net/i40e: fix offload not supported mask
      net/ixgbe: fix maximum wait time in comment
      net/ifcvf: fix typo on struct name

Xiaoxin Peng (1):
      net/bnxt: reduce polling interval for valid bit

Xiaoyun Li (2):
      net/i40e: fix overwriting RSS RETA
      net/ixgbe: fix overwriting RSS RETA

Xueming Li (3):
      net/mlx5: fix interrupt completion queue index wrapping
      net/mlx5: fix representor port link status
      net/mlx5: fix representor port xstats

Yanglong Wu (2):
      net/ixgbevf: fix link state
      net/ixgbe: fix TDH register write

Yaroslav Brustinov (2):
      net/e1000: fix Tx offload capability typos
      ethdev: fix typo in queue setup error log

Yipeng Wang (7):
      test/hash: fix bucket size in perf test
      test/hash: fix r/w test with non-consecutive cores
      test/hash: add missing file in meson build
      hash: remove unused constant
      hash: fix race condition in iterate
      hash: remove unnecessary pause
      hash: fix TSX aborts with newer gcc

Yong Wang (2):
      doc: fix typo in testpmd guide
      doc: fix NUMA library name in Linux guide

Yongping Zhang (1):
      net/bnxt: fix registration of VF async event completion ring

Yongseok Koh (8):
      net/mlx4: support externally allocated static memory
      net/mlx5: support externally allocated static memory
      net/mlx5: fix errno values for flow engine
      mk: disable gcc AVX512F support
      net/mlx4: optimize Tx external memory registration
      net/mlx5: optimize Tx external memory registration
      net/mlx5: optimize Tx doorbell write
      net/mlx5: optimize Rx buffer replenishment threshold

Yunjian Wang (2):
      net/bonding: support matching QinQ ethertype
      net/e1000/base: fix uninitialized variable

Zhirun Yan (5):
      net/ixgbe: update Tx offload mask
      net/igb: update Tx offload mask
      net/avf: fix Tx offload mask
      net/i40e: fix port close
      net/i40e: remove redundant reset of queue number

Ziye Yang (1):
      eal/linux: fix memory leak of logid

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