[dpdk-dev] [dpdk-announce] release candidate 19.02-rc1

Thomas Monjalon thomas at monjalon.net
Sun Dec 23 00:58:26 CET 2018

A new DPDK release candidate is ready for testing:

It is probably the smallest -rc1: only 247 patches.
The cycle is very short, a lot of work is not ready,
or not enough reviewed. DPDK 19.02 will be tiny.

The release notes so far:

Some highlights of 19.02-rc1:
	- new ethdev PMD: Intel E810
	- virtio packed ring
	- new tool for compression performance test

It may be allowed to add more features in the -rc2
if the main validation contributors agree to test some at a later stage.

We have one month for completing this release cycle.
We should keep it small and start the next (big) cycle in early February.
In the meantime, let's take the opportunity to work on tools,
unit tests and any other task which will increase the DPDK quality
and work efficiency.

Thank you everyone,
merry Christmas and happy New Year!

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