[dpdk-dev] [PATCH v7 0/9] app/proc-info: improve debug of proc-info tool

Varghese, Vipin vipin.varghese at intel.com
Wed Dec 26 06:21:34 CET 2018

HI Thomas,


> > > Small nits
> > > 9th patch in this set is doc. So above info need to be corrected.
> > > if you are addressing my earlier comment of separating out mempool
> > > element iteration changes in to separate new patch 9/10 .Please keep
> > > my ack in next version
> >
> > Thanks for pointing this out, Like updated in email and chat I am not
> planning to split it. Hence no version 8.
> So, no ack and no merge?
> Looking at the first patches + doc patch, the split is not meaningful.
> You should merge doc and option parsing in the related patches.
> For instance, parsing and doc of "tm" option should be in the "tm" patch.

I did not follow you request. Are you stating, for each functionality I should be updating document rather than 1 document update after adding the new functions? If former is true I am not able to find such reasoning stated in guideline or documentation or from the maintainer. 

Vipin Varghese

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