[dpdk-dev] [PATCH v3 0/6] spinlock optimization and test case enhancements

Gavin Hu gavin.hu at arm.com
Thu Dec 27 05:13:43 CET 2018

1. Implemented the ticket lock to improve the fairness and predictability.
   The locks are obtained in the order of requested.

1. FORCE_INTRINCIS is still an option for ppc/x86, although not is use
   by default, so don't remove it from generic file.
2. Fix the clang compiler error on x86 when the above FORCE_INTRINSICS
   is enabled.

1. Remove the 1us delay outside of the locked region to really benchmark
   the spinlock acquire/release performance, not the delay API.
2. Use the precise version of getting timestamps for more precise
   benchmarking results.
3. Amortize the overhead of getting the timestamp by 10000 loops.
4. Move the arm specific implementation to arm folder to remove the
   hardcoded implementation.
5. Use atomic primitives, which translate to one-way barriers, instead of
   two-way sync primitives, to optimize for performance.

Gavin Hu (5):
  eal: fix clang compilation error on x86
  test/spinlock: remove 1us delay for correct benchmarking
  test/spinlock: get timestamp more precisely
  test/spinlock: amortize the cost of getting time
  spinlock: reimplement with atomic one-way barrier builtins

Joyce Kong (1):
  spinlock: ticket based to improve fairness

 .../common/include/arch/ppc_64/rte_spinlock.h      |  5 +++
 .../common/include/arch/x86/rte_spinlock.h         |  6 +++
 lib/librte_eal/common/include/generic/rte_atomic.h |  6 +--
 .../common/include/generic/rte_spinlock.h          | 45 +++++++++++++++-------
 test/test/test_spinlock.c                          | 32 +++++++--------
 5 files changed, 61 insertions(+), 33 deletions(-)


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