[dpdk-dev] Minutes of tech-board meeting 2018-01-31

Ananyev, Konstantin konstantin.ananyev at intel.com
Sun Feb 11 16:38:47 CET 2018

Date: 31 Jan 2018

Bruce Richardson,
Ferruh Yigit,
Hemant Agrawal,
Jerin Jacob,
Konstantin Ananyev,
Olivier Matz,
Thomas Monjalon
Yuanhan Liu
Stephen Hemminger

Topic:  Future plans for next-build tree and meson build system work in general across 18.05 and 18.08 releases.
* Some work for meson build system is still progress
* Bruce expects moderate number of patches for it 18.05 timeframe
* General conclusion:
   - keep draft tree till 18.05 is out, after that all meson patches will go into the main tree
   - Bruce to create a TODO list with all present gaps in the new build system should be provided
Topic: Port ownership patch series
* TB recommendation: 
    - Apply already ACKed patches.
    - Don't apply tespmd patch (more work is required).

Topic: Disable all offloads by default in testpmd patch
* Concerns regarding disabling by default CRC_STIP and TX_FAST_FREE
* Conclusion: 
    - for 18.02 remove only VLAN offloads from current enabled by default set. 
    - for 18.05 see if CRC_STRIP offload can be removed at all
      (expectation is that all PMDs can always run with CRC_STRIP on mode)             

Topic: DPDK India summit
* Hemant and Jerin plan to give a presentation on it.

Topic: Need some action on source files in DPDK, which do not have any license and copyrights. 
* Conclusion:  publish a list with of the files and initial authors,
   and give some time for people to claim files (with some reasonable proof).

Next Meeting:
* 2018-02-14 @ 3pm UTC
* Olivier to chair discussion as per alphabetical order


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