[dpdk-dev] DPDK techboard minutes 2018-07-04

Olivier Matz olivier.matz at 6wind.com
Mon Jul 16 13:00:34 CEST 2018


Here are the minutes of the last DPDK technical board meeting held on

Attendees: 6 / 8
- Bruce Richardson
- Ferruh Yigit
- Hemant Agrawal
- Jerin Jacob
- Olivier Matz
- Thomas Monjalon

1) minimal kernel version supported for DPDK

   - discussion should happen on ML first
   - decision is postponed to next techboard meeting

2) backport policy for fixes

   The technical board reviewed and approbed Kevin's clarified guideline:

3) "contribute" page on core.dpdk.org

   - We think that duplicating information between
     https://www.dpdk.org/contribute and http://core.dpdk.org/contribute/ is not
     a good thing.
   - Bruce to ask to LF to remove the git:// link and only keep the http://
     on https://www.dpdk.org/contribute
   - Thomas will send a proposal for the contribute page
   - Same comments about https://www.dpdk.org/ecosystem/#hardware vs
     The main website should stay general and applies to all dpdk projects.
   - We agreed that the ecosystem page (hardware + drivers) on the main website
     should only contain a list of brands (cpus + devices), plus a link to the
     core page that contains detailed information.

4) librte_rib library

   The new RIB library has been through a number of iterations. As a new
   library, it requires techboard discussion and approval before it can be
   accepted into DPDK.We also need to consider how to manage it vs existing LPM
   library. RIB lib looks overall better and faster but it lacks an IPv6 version
   compared to LPM.

   - The first step is to review it and make it in
   - As a next step, we should either remove lpm(v4) or do a shim so that lpm-v4
     uses librte_rib.
   - Olivier to help to review the library

5) SPDX licenses

   - Bruce and Ferruh to check if Intel shared code can have proper SPDX tags

Next Meeting:
- 2018-07-18
- Stephen to chair discussion

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