[dpdk-dev] DPDK techboard minutes of June 6

Jerin Jacob jerin.jacob at caviumnetworks.com
Tue Jun 19 06:36:37 CEST 2018

Meeting notes for the DPDK technical board meeting held on 2018-06-06

        - Bruce Richardson
        - Ferruh Yigit
        - Hemant Agrawal
        - Jerin Jacob
        - Konstantin Ananyev
        - Olivier Matz
        - Thomas Monjalon

0) The Review Process - Timelines

a) A patch without any comments for 3 weeks shall be considered for apply to 
subtree or main tree by the respective tree maintainer.

b) Once a patch has been acked by the relevant maintainer, reviewers may still
comment on it for a further two weeks.
After that time, the patch should be merged into the relevant git tree for the next release.
It is documented at http://dpdk.org/doc/guides/contributing/patches.html#steps-to-getting-your-patch-merged

c) Thomas will try to pull the changes from every subtree weekly. 
The planned day is Thursday/Friday.

Sub tree maintainer can choose private pull request or specific branch scheme to share 
the tree based on subtree maintainer and Thomas's preference.

1) New dpdk website by the Linux Foundation 

a) Linux Foundation is working on a new dpdk website and its URL is
b) Encourage everyone to review and provide feedback and/or report
missing links such as (mailman, cgit, git, patchwork, bugzilla, doc, etc)

3) Next meeting will be on June 20 and Konstantin will chair it

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