[dpdk-dev] DPDK techboard minutes of June 20

Ananyev, Konstantin konstantin.ananyev at intel.com
Tue Jun 26 09:23:35 CEST 2018

Meeting notes for the DPDK technical board meeting held on 2018-06-20

        - Bruce Richardson
        - Ferruh Yigit
        - Hemant Agrawal
        - Jerin Jacob
        - Konstantin Ananyev
        - Olivier Matz
        - Stephen Hemminger
        - Thomas Monjalon

1) next-net-intel maintainer:
Qi Zhang will be the new maintainer instead of Helin Zhang.
Beilei Xing will be the backup maintainer of the subtree.

2) maintainer of 17.11 LTS
Yuanhan Liu is stepping away from LTS maintainer role.
Yongseok Koh will be new maintainer for 17.11 LTS

3) A new design for dpdk.org website.
www.dpdk.org is now managed by LF.
New site core.dpdk.org is the technical part for DPDK itself (not the side projects)
core.dpdk.org will now use Hugo instead of plain HTML as before.
git repository for core.dpdk.org will still remain at http://git.dpdk.org/tools/dpdk-web/
and old HTML-based version will still be available as a branch.  

4) LF proposal to move to GitHub with pull requests for managing content of core.dpdk.org. 
The decision was made to stay with existing mail-based patch process. 

5) Hyper-V series status update
v11 was sent last week, Thomas plan to apply them soon.

6) Discussion about minimal supported kernel version
No final decision made.
Agreed to continue discussion on ML and return to that subject at next TB meeting.    

Next meeting will be on July 4th and Olivier will chair it

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