[dpdk-dev] DPDK techboard minutes of March 14

Thomas Monjalon thomas at monjalon.net
Mon Mar 26 14:34:36 CEST 2018

Meeting notes for the DPDK technical board meeting
held on 2018-03-14

	- Bruce Richardson
	- Ferruh Yigit
	- Hemant Agrawal
	- Jerin Jacob
	- Konstantin Ananyev
	- Olivier Matz
	- Stephen Hemminger
	- Thomas Monjalon
	- Yuanhan Liu

0/ Check action items from last meetings

	- list of files and initial authors for SPDX compliance
Hemant will send the list soon.

	- list of gaps in the new build system
Bruce has not documented them yet.

	- old patches in patchwork
Thomas should work with patchwork community to get more tooling.
We must send comments in old patch threads and close some.

	- backup maintainer guidelines
Some sub-trees (net, crypto, event) should find a backup.

	- MAINTAINERS file for trees
Thomas will send a patch to sort trees at the beginning of the file.

1/ Stable releases roadmap:

	- stable maintainers
Kevin Traynor was approved as maintainer of the LTS branch 18.11.

	- release schedule
It looks difficult to have an early first stable release.
The earlier can be after the next RC1 validation tests are passed.
Suggestions should be sent in the email thread.

2) Check progress of few changes:

	- memory rework
This big change is under testing and still on track for 18.05.

	- offload API
Patches are missing for some PMDs.
Update: there are commitments for all of them in 18.05.
The deprecation notice will be updated to remove only the old
driver interface in 18.05.
The application interface (API) should be removed in 18.08.

	- uevent hotplug
Still a lot of opens to discuss but not enough interest in emails.

	- devargs syntax
Gaetan sent some patches which must be reviewed quickly.

	- CRC_STRIP offload
Default should be CRC stripping.
If a PMD lacks the capability, it can be emulated.
A new flag to keep the CRC must be introduced.

	- minimal kernel requirement
Not discussed because of time out.

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