[dpdk-dev] DPDK techboard minutes of March 27

Maxime Coquelin maxime.coquelin at redhat.com
Tue Apr 2 10:43:24 CEST 2019

Meeting notes for the DPDK technical board meeting held on 2019-03-27.

         - Bruce Richardson
         - Ferruh Yigit
         - Hemant Agrawal
         - Jerin Jacob
         - Konstantin Ananyev
         - Maxime Coquelin
         - Olivier Matz
         - Stephen Hemminger
         - Thomas Monjalon

1) Drop short-term stable releases unless volunteers
 From now on, call for volunteer to maintain and validate short-term
release will be done in the release announce e-mail. If nobody
volunteered one month after the release announce, the branch will be
closed. Thomas to send an e-mail to announce the new process.

2) Next long-term stable branch maintenance
Luca Boccassi will maintain the v19.11 LTS branch.

3) Next-crypto and cryptodev trees maintenance
Thomas will send an e-mail to most active crypto contributors to
request for help in reviews and maintenance. Ruifeng Wang from ARM
might help with the tree maintenance.

4) Next technical board representative at governing board
Maxime Coquelin will represent the technical board at the governing
board for the next quarter.

5) Un-implemented API deprecation and removal
The technical board acknowledges the current plan[0] to deprecate un-
implemented APIs in DPDK v19.05 release and remove them in v19.08.

6) Vulnerability management process
First draft of the process is under review. Experts from Intel, Red Hat,
Mellanox, Microsoft and Linux Foundation have already commented it. Next
version will be published publicly.

7) Next technical board meeting (April 10th)
Olivier Matz will chair it.

[0]: https://mails.dpdk.org/archives/dev/2018-December/122213.html

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