[dpdk-dev] 19.11 Marvell Roadmap

Jerin Jacob Kollanukkaran jerinj at marvell.com
Fri Aug 9 07:55:07 CEST 2019

1) eBPF arm64 JIT support

2) Enhance UT cases for eBPF verification

3) Add new l2fwd-event eventdev application

4) Update l3fwd application to support event mode

5) Update ipsec-secgw application to support event mode

6) Add build infrastructure support for UBSan

7) ethdev enhancements
a) As a PMD optimization, introduce, an option do disable
rte_mbuf::packet_type, rte_mbuf::hash::rss and rte_mbuf::hash::fdir
field updates in Rx path if application wishes do so.

8) rte_flow enhancements
a) New patterns: NSH, IGMP, AH
b) New actions to support packet mirroring and multicast

9) Add KNI IOVA as VA support 

10) Add OCTEON TX2 cryptodev PMD

11) Add OCTEON TX2 Inline IPsec support using rte_secuirty 

12) Add OCTEON TX asymmetric crypto support

13) Add Nitrox Cryptodev PMD

14) OCTEON TX2 ethdev PMD enhancements
a) Implement item 6
b) Implement item 7
c) Add multicast filter support
d) TSO support
e) DSA/EDSA/eDSA parser

15) Fastlinq qede PMD enhancements
a) Add support to allow odd number of queues on 100G adapters
b) Add support for drop action in RTE_FLOW infrastructure.
c) Update base driver to use newer FW with latest fixes/enhancements
16) Bnx2x PMD enhancements
a) Update base driver to use latest mbox FW with fixes/enhancements

17) RegExdev RFC follow up

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