[dpdk-dev] 17.11.7-rc1 (LTS) patches review and test

Yongseok Koh yskoh at mellanox.com
Thu Aug 15 20:05:08 CEST 2019

Hi all,

Here is a list of patches targeted for LTS release 17.11.7. Please help review
and test. The planned date for the final release is Aug 23, Before that, please
shout if anyone has objections with these patches being applied.

Also for the companies committed to running regression tests, please run the
tests and report any issue before the release date.

A release candidate tarball can be found at:


These patches are located at branch 17.11 of dpdk-stable repo:



Aaron Conole (1):
      net/virtio: fix dangling pointer on failure

Agalya Babu RadhaKrishnan (1):
      doc: fix interactive commands in testpmd guide

Akhil Goyal (1):
      crypto/dpaa2_sec: fix session clearing

Alejandro Lucero (1):
      net/nfp: fix RSS query

Anatoly Burakov (2):
      eal: improve musl compatibility of string functions
      malloc: fix documentation of realloc function

Andrew Rybchenko (2):
      net/sfc: remove control path logging from Rx queue count
      app/testpmd: set fixed flag for exact link speed

Andrius Sirvys (3):
      net/virtio: fix duplicate naming of include guard
      bitrate: fix unchecked return value
      drivers/net: fix shifting 32-bit signed variable 31 times

Anoob Joseph (1):
      cryptodev: fix driver name comparison

Beilei Xing (1):
      net/i40e: fix link speed for X722

Bernard Iremonger (1):
      examples/ipsec-secgw: fix debug logs

Bill Hong (1):
      net: fix Tx VLAN flag for offload emulation

Bruce Richardson (9):
      eal: support strlcat function
      net/bonding: fix buffer length when printing strings
      examples/l2fwd-cat: fix build on FreeBSD
      app/crypto-perf: check range of socket id
      examples/vhost_scsi: fix null-check for parameter
      net/i40e: fix dereference before null check in mbuf release
      net/ixgbe: fix warning with GCC 9
      bus/fslmc: fix warning with GCC 9
      eal: tighten permissions on shared memory files

Chaitanya Babu Talluri (2):
      drivers/net: fix possible overflow using strlcat
      cfgfile: replace strcat with strlcat

David Christensen (2):
      maintainers: update for IBM POWER
      examples/vm_power_manager: fix PMD specific code

David Marchand (7):
      eal: fix check when retrieving current CPU affinity
      eal: remove dead code in core list parsing
      app/testpmd: remove unused field from port struct
      doc: fix examples in bonding guide
      net/bonding: fix port id types
      net/bonding: fix queue index types
      app/testpmd: remove useless casts on statistics

Davide Caratti (1):
      net/bnxt: support IOVA VA mode

Dekel Peled (8):
      net/mlx5: fix hex dump of error completion
      net/mlx5: fix sync when handling Tx completions
      eal/ppc: fix global memory barrier
      eal: fix typo in comment of vector function
      doc: fix links to doxygen and sphinx sites
      app/testpmd: fix typo in comment
      net/mlx5: fix comments mixing Rx and Tx
      net/mlx5: fix release of Rx queue object

Fan Zhang (1):
      examples/ipsec-secgw: fix AES-CTR block size

Ferruh Yigit (5):
      kni: fix build with Linux 5.1
      build: fix crash by disabling AVX512 with binutils 2.31
      net/ring: fix return value check
      net/kni: fix return value check
      app/testpmd: revert fixed flag for exact link speed

Gage Eads (1):
      ring: fix namesize macro documentation block

Gavin Hu (3):
      test/spinlock: remove delay for correct benchmarking
      test/spinlock: amortize the cost of getting time
      spinlock: reimplement with atomic one-way barrier

Hari Kumar Vemula (1):
      net/bonding: fix reset active slave

Harry van Haaren (1):
      event/sw: fix enqueue checks in self-test

Herakliusz Lipiec (1):
      doc: fix broken link in LPM guide

Hyong Youb Kim (4):
      net/bonding: avoid warning for invalid port
      net/enic: fix flow director SCTP matching
      net/enic: fix SCTP match for flow API
      net/enic: check for unsupported flow item types

Igor Romanov (1):
      app/testpmd: fix stdout flush after printing stats

Ilya Maximets (2):
      vhost: fix device leak on connection add failure
      vhost: fix silent queue enabling with legacy guests

Ivan Malov (1):
      net/sfc: log port ID as 16-bit unsigned integer on panic

Jerin Jacob (1):
      mk: fix AVX512 disabled warning on non x86

Jianfeng Tan (1):
      drivers/net: do not use private ethdev data

Joyce Kong (1):
      test/rwlock: benchmark on all available cores

Kevin Traynor (3):
      net/qede: support IOVA VA mode
      eal/linux: fix log levels for pagemap reading failure
      power: fix frequency list buffer validation

Liang Zhang (1):
      net/bonding: fix LACP negotiation

Luo Gaoliang (1):
      kni: fix build on RHEL8

Marcin Smoczynski (1):
      examples/ipsec-secgw: fix build error log

Natanael Copa (3):
      bus/fslmc: remove unused include of error.h
      bus/fslmc: fix build with musl libc
      app/test: fix build with musl libc

Pallantla Poornima (3):
      app/test: fix sprintf with strlcat
      test/distributor: replace sprintf with strlcpy
      test/hash: replace sprintf with snprintf

Qi Zhang (1):
      net/i40e: fix time sync for 25G

Radu Nicolau (3):
      net/null: add MAC address setting fake operation
      test/virtual_pmd: add MAC address setting fake op
      test/bonding: assign non-zero MAC to null devices

Rahul Lakkireddy (1):
      net/cxgbe: update Chelsio T5/T6 NIC device ids

Rami Rosen (8):
      net/virtio: remove forward declaration
      mbuf: fix a typo
      doc: fix a minor typo in testpmd guide
      doc: remove reference to rte.doc.mk in programmers guide
      examples/ethtool: fix two typos
      doc: fix link in Linux getting started guide
      app/testpmd: fix a typo in log message
      ethdev: fix a typo

Rasesh Mody (2):
      net/bnx2x: fix race for periodic flags
      net/bnx2x: fix optic module verification

Shahaf Shuler (1):
      net/mlx5: fix packet inline on Tx queue wraparound

Shahed Shaikh (5):
      net/bnx2x: fix segfaults due to stale interrupt status
      net/bnx2x: fix memory leak
      net/bnx2x: fix ramrod timeout
      net/bnx2x: fix DMAE timeout
      net/qede: fix Tx packet prepare for tunnel packets

Shreyansh Jain (1):
      bus/dpaa: fix Rx discard register mask

Stephen Hemminger (8):
      net/octeontx: fix vdev name
      net/bnxt: fix Rx VLAN offload flags
      net/virtio: remove useless condition
      ring: fix an error message
      net/ring: avoid hard-coded length
      net/ring: use calloc style where appropriate
      net/ring: check length of ring name
      net/virtio: fix buffer leak on VLAN insert

Thomas Monjalon (2):
      mk: fix build of shared library with libbsd
      bus/vdev: fix debug message on probing

Tiwei Bie (4):
      net/virtio: add barrier in interrupt enable
      vhost: restore mbuf first when freeing zmbuf
      vhost: fix potential use-after-free for zero copy mbuf
      vhost: fix potential use-after-free for memory region

Vishal Kulkarni (1):
      net/cxgbe: fix missing checksum flags and packet type

Xiao Wang (1):
      net/fm10k: fix VLAN strip offload flag

Yipeng Wang (1):
      hash: fix doc about thread/process safety

Yongseok Koh (4):
      net/mlx5: fix instruction hotspot on replenishing Rx buffer
      net/mlx5: check Tx queue size overflow
      net/mlx5: fix max number of queues for NEON Tx
      doc: fix typo in mlx5 guide

Yunjian Wang (1):
      net/ixgbe: fix crash on remove

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