[dpdk-dev] DPDK techboard minutes for 19th of December

Stephen Hemminger stephen at networkplumber.org
Thu Jan 17 18:49:24 CET 2019

Meeting notes for the DPDK technical board meeting held on 2019-12-19
Sorry for the belated minutes, but the puppy hair killed my desktop ;-)

Attendees: 6/9
	- Thomas Monjalon
	- Bruce Richardson
	- Ferruh Yigit
	- Maxime Coquelin
	- Olivier Matz
	- Stephen Hemminger

The existing KNI device is getting trimmed for 19.02.
Consensus this is good, and hope is that KNI can get more work
to improve performance (currently virtio is faster).

Build System
Still not enough automated build and testing is done on DPDK patches.
Investigating getting Open Build Service (SUSE) as continuous build service
to check all patches on all architectures. Luca will do more

Testing and build systems are a good way to get new people involved.
Shemminger will look into applying for Google Summer of Code

Test Lab
Discussion of current test lab. Current testing is limited to single
core and only a performance test. Consensus that more investment and
time is needed to get results from the lab. A wider scope is needed.
What about testing stable branches as well?

Process discussion
Ongoing Discussion about gerrit etc. versus current process.
Everyone agrees that current dev mailing list is overloaded to the
point that only a few people read all of it. Ideas included splitting
the mailing list along functional lines (crypto, compress, ipsec, ...)
but concern that then overlapping patches would not get reviewed.
General conclusion that mail is not scaling well, some alternative
mail clients and tools discussed but no actions taken.

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