[dpdk-dev] Technical Board meeting minutes 2019-01-16

Bruce Richardson bruce.richardson at intel.com
Tue Jan 22 17:44:28 CET 2019

Below are the minutes of the DPDK Technical Board meeting held on #dpdk-board
channel on 16th January 2019

- Bruce Richardson
- Ferruh Yigit
- Hemant Agrawal
- Jerin Jacob
- Konstantin Ananyev
- Maxime Coquelin
- Olivier Matz
- Thomas Monjalon

Discussion on NEXT_ABI and Deprecation Process

* The NEXT_ABI option serves little purpose and the technical board feels it
  can be removed from DPDK.
	Action: Ferruh to send a patch to remove it and update docs

* Following on from previous discussion at technical board[1] the removal
  of deprecated functions shall be done just after an LTS release. This
  policy should be documented.
	Action: Ferruh to do a new version of his patch documenting the
		deprecation policy, based on this decision.

Mentoring and Google Summer of Code (GSOC)

* Technical board owner for this is Stephen Hemminger. Initial work is in
  progress here and there is an email thread on-list for work ideas [2].
* Maxime to define exact scope of work on proposed virtio project.
* Volunteers to mentor those working on GSOC DPDK items will be needed.

Community Survey on Tools and Process Pain Points

* There is a common ask in the community for better tools, or a different
  development process.
* In order to evaluate the request here, it was proposed to create a
  developer survey to determine the perceived problems
* Survey should also include:
	- questions on what is working well
	- free-form input option
* Honnappa, present at meeting, has volunteered to lead the effort to
  co-ordinate the gathering of questions and setting up the survey. Initial
  discussion via email, to get a workgroup together, with tech board members
  to forward on to interested parties as needed.

Static Analysis Issues

* Concern was expressed at the lack of coverity scans due to coverity
  hosting issues [3]. No immediate replacement has been investigated at
  this point.
* Topic to be discussed at the next meeting.

Security Process

* Security process for DPDK and managing CVEs is still in progress. Update
  will be given a at a future meeting.

Next Meeting

Next meeting will be held on Jan 30th. Ferruh will be the chair.

Topics carried over from this meeting to next meeting are:
* Static Analysis for DPDK
* Windows compilers for DPDK Windows Port


[1] http://mails.dpdk.org/archives/dev/2019-January/123519.html
[2] http://mails.dpdk.org/archives/dev/2019-January/123817.html
[3] https://community.synopsys.com/s/article/Coverity-Scan-Update

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