[dpdk-dev] DPDK Windows Community call - 11 June 2019

Ranjit Menon ranjit.menon at intel.com
Tue Jun 25 03:51:00 CEST 2019

Attendees: (present)
Cathal <cathal.ohare at intel.com>
Pallavi <pallavi.kadam at intel.com>	
Ranjit <ranjit.menon at intel.com>
Thomas thomas at monjalon.net
Tal Shnaiderman <talshn at mellanox.com>
Raslan rasland at mellanox.com;
Harini harini.ramakrishnan at microsoft.com;

Adham Masarwah <adham at mellanox.com>
Eilon Greenstein <eilong at mellanox.com>
Yohad Tor <yohadt at mellanox.com>
Bruce <bruce.richardson at intel.com>
Anan Saif <anans at mellanox.com>;
Jeff jeffrey.tippet at microsoft.com;
Khoa khot at microsoft.com;
Nareshkumar nareshkumar.pbs at broadcom.com;
Haseeb Haseeb.Gani at cavium.com; hgani at marvell.com   apologies  (need to 
move call time to accommodate attendance, options to follow)
Shahed Shaikh shshaikh at marvell.com;   apologies
Satish satishr at chelsio.com
Indranil indranil at chelsio.com
Ravi Anand  ravianan at cisco.com
Omar Cardona <ocardona at microsoft.com>;
Rani Sharoni <ranish at mellanox.com>;

1. Cathal, Intel: Full team attending are good with moving next call to 
Wednesday, same time slot.
    Requesting feedback, if there are any impacts to this move?

2. Thomas, Mellanox:  We need unit tests for windows.
    Tal (Mellanox) logged bug, requesting the addition of windows testing
    Community lab next meeting is 18-jun-19
    Thomas will try to attend to support request.

3. Thomas/Jim, Mellanox/Intel: Open forum in Japan (11-jun-19)
    Presentation included DPDK windows. 

4. Thomas, Mellanox: Would be good to have a public overview of Windows 
Development progress.
    Possibly public editable page + public info page.
    AR: Thomas/Harini : to seek to create page on dpdk.org

5. Haseeb, Marvell: In the process of supporting Marvell FastlinQ cards 
on the 18.08 draft branch.
    The changes are done in netuio, pci and qede modules.
    We’re completing internal review and will be able to send the 
changes for review soon.

7. Ranjit/Pallavi, Intel: We may need to abstract out some common code, 
if it’s not supported on windows.
    dirent.h      - priority to find license info for this file
    getopt.h      - priority to find license info for this file
    pthread.h -> contains implementation
    sched.h -> contains implementation
    syslog.h        - priority to find license info for this file
    unistd.h -> contains implementation
    netinet/in.h -> contains implementation
    netinet/tcp.h -> contains only include guard
    sys/netbsd/queue.h -> contains implementation
    sys/cdefs.h -> contains only include guard

8. Ranjit/Pallavi/Zhaoyan, Intel: Meson/make - Windows is now integrated 
into Intel CI and reporting to dpdk.org patchwork.
    Request made to remove GCC line & update Kernel version capture info 
for the test listing against windows.

9. Harini, Microsoft: MS Patches in preparation of Windows support for 
CXGBE is already available in 19.05 repo upstream.
    CXGBE PMD will compile fine against Windows DPDK using Intel C++ 
Compiler up to v19.02.
[PATCH 0/4] net/cxgbe: fix build for Microsoft Windows OS support (Rahul 
[PATCH 1/4] net/cxgbe: use relative paths for including header files 
(Rahul Lakkireddy) [PATCH 2/4] net/cxgbe: fix macros related to logs for 
Windows (Rahul Lakkireddy)
[PATCH 3/4] net/cxgbe: only redefine symbols when not available for 
Windows (Rahul Lakkireddy)

9. Ravi, Cisco: Ravi Anand team working with the PMD for the Cisco 
Virtual interface Cards.

10. Tal, Mellanox: For bus/pci: Can refer to windpdk-v18.08 branch in 
draft repo.
    Code there is built using clang and functional. (No meson support yet).
    Currently working on Ninja & meson compiler. But hit some issues and 
resolved by upgrading (able to debug: upgrade CLang to version 8.0.0) & 
    Now able to build in debug mode (DPDK.org guidance needs to be 
updated). For new patches from 19.08 onwards: use repo windpdk-next-dev 
(Harini is the maintainer).
    Windows will only use meson, going forward. Currently compiling with 
clang, but not with meson.

11. Ranjit, Intel: common source using a function asprintf().
    Does allocation of buffers. This function does not exist for windows.
    How should this be resolved? We should change the common code to 
enable this for windows.
    (Thomas) Please check with the author of the change, David Marchand.

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