[dpdk-dev] minutes of techboard meeting 2019-05-15

Bruce Richardson bruce.richardson at intel.com
Wed Jun 26 12:18:30 CEST 2019

- Bruce Richardson
- Ferruh Yigit
- Jerin Jacob
- Konstantin Ananyev
- Maxime Conquelin
- Olivier Matz
- Stephen Hemminger
- Thomas Monjalon

Meeting Minutes 2019-05-15

Item #1: DPDK Developer Survey 
      - Discussion deferred till next meeting

Item #2: SW bbdev Driver in DPDK
      - Brief problem description:
            - turbo_sw PMD has a dependency on FlexRAN SW libraries, which
              cannot be downloaded without an SLA
            - FlexRAN libraries also have a dependency on ICC, while
              similarly cannot be downloaded and installed without an SLA
            - Thomas has been asking for a solution since End 2018, with
              little progress, so issue being brought to technical board

      - Agreement that the issue here is with the turbo_sw PMD specifically
        rather than bbdev framework

      - Discussion followed on what is acceptable or not for drivers in
        DPDK and their dependencies. Some points of consensus, some open

            - Agreement that all DPDK PMDs themselves must be possible to
              compile with a DPDK supported compiler - GCC and/or clang
            - All PMDs must be possible for maintainers to compile, in order
              to maintain those PMDs
                  - this implies that all dependencies of the PMDs are easily
                    available for maintainers to download.
            - General consensus seems to be that so long as a dependency is
              freely available, binary rather than source is ok
                  - there is already a precedent for this with existing PMDs

      - Consensus that the issue with turbo_sw PMD needs to be resolved in
        this release, proposed target is rc1

      - Idea of having a staging area for drivers was proposed, idea was
        not generally liked.

      - Issue will be worked by tech board along with PMD maintainers to see
        what resolution can be reached quickly.

Item #3: ABI Policy
      - Issue deferred due to lack of time
      - Issue to be Item #1 on next week's agenda

Item #4: Security Policy
      - The mailing list "security-prerelease at dpdk.org" has been created
      - Member companies must apply to join this list to be informed in
        advance of security issues
            - requests to join are to be sent to techboard at dpdk.org
            - the technical board must then approve those requests
            - companies can have more than one address registered, but
              should keep number very small

Item #5: Removal of examples
      - Follow on from last week - to be discussed publically on mailing
        list rather than just in technical board

Next Meeting: 22nd May 2019. To be chaired by Ferruh Yigit.

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