[dpdk-dev] [PATCH v2 1/3] lib/librte_ip_frag: Remove PKT_TX_IP_CKSUM offload flags

Thomas Monjalon thomas at monjalon.net
Wed Jun 26 23:10:26 CEST 2019

18/05/2019 17:18, Ananyev, Konstantin:
> Hi,
> > Currently PKT_TX_IP_CKSUM is being set into mbuf->ol_flags
> > during fragmentation and reassemble operation implicitly.
> > Because of this, application is forced to use checksum offload
> > whether it is supported by platform or not.
> > 
> > Also documentation does not provide any expected value of ol_flags
> > in returned mbuf (reassembled or fragmented) so application will never
> > come to know that which offloads are enabled. So transmission may be failed
> > for the platforms which does not support checksum offload.
> > 
> > Also, IPv6 does not contain any checksum field in header so setting
> > mbuf->ol_flags with PKT_TX_IP_CKSUM is itself invalid.
> > 
> > So removing mentioned flag from the library.
> As there is a change in public API behavior, I think it deserves update in release notes.
> Apart from that:
> Acked-by: Konstantin Ananyev <konstantin.ananyev at intel.com>

Is it safe to do this behaviour change?
You did not reply about updating the release notes.
Why did you drop this patch in v3?

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