[dpdk-dev] DPDK Windows Community call - 16 May 2019

Ranjit Menon ranjit.menon at intel.com
Tue May 28 04:37:19 CEST 2019

Attendees: (present)
Cathal <cathal.ohare at intel.com>
Pallavi <pallavi.kadam at intel.com>
Bruce <bruce.richardson at intel.com>
Thomas thomas at monjalon.net
Adham Masarwah <adham at mellanox.com>
Eilon Greenstein <eilong at mellanox.com>
Yohad Tor <yohadt at mellanox.com>
Tal Shnaiderman <talshn at mellanox.com>
Ranjit <ranjit.menon at intel.com>

Anan Saif <anans at mellanox.com>;
Rani Sharoni <ranish at mellanox.com>;
Raslan rasland at mellanox.com;
Harini harini.ramakrishnan at microsoft.com;
Omar Cardona <ocardona at microsoft.com>;
Jeff jeffrey.tippet at microsoft.com;
Khoa khot at microsoft.com;
Nareshkumar nareshkumar.pbs at broadcom.com;
Haseeb Haseeb.Gani at cavium.com;
S Shaikh shshaikh at marvell.com;

- Meeting request to move meeting to Tuesday, 1 hour later. Invite sent.
- Windows not currently in DPDK UNH community lab, but they do have 
plans to increase scope of the lab testing. Current Community lab is 
focused on unit testing.
- NXP/Mellanox/Intel HW is currently available in the lab. We need unit 
tests for windows. Mellanox to log the bug, requesting the addition of 
windows testing.
- For bus/pci : refer to windpdk-v18.08 branch in draft repo
- Code there is built using clang and functional. (No meson support yet)
- For new patches from 19.08 onwards: use repo windpdk-next-dev (Harini 
is the maintainer).
- Windows will now use meson. Currently compiling with clang, but not 
with meson.
- Mellanox is currently working on Ninja & meson compiler.
- Meson/make - Output from ninja will get passed to CI reporting to 
display on patch status. Intel working on this.
- An issue found in latest code: If -D examples is defined, it will fail 
Windows build (meson build, line 11). Working to fix
- bus/PCI developers update – net UIO driver in an old branch, next step 
to get it to compile with meson and complete the work for Mellanox 
device support.
- Mellanox will work on PCI, porting Mellanox Linux driver (PMD) to Windows.
- What other changes do we need to do in EAL…..to make upstreaming 
easier (remove blockers)
– Need some open source libraries to support common code (BSD licenses).
- May need a better wrapper on Linux files to use for windows.
- For instance, pthreads are not supported in windows – so use macro 
substitutions to manage pthread management. Need to work out how to use 
wrappers more widely.
- EAL – need to get all the includes. Possible to use a wrapper.
- Pallavi to share list of files with some licensing issues that need to 
get worked out. We may need to abstract out perceived common code, if 
it’s not supported on windows.
List sent post-meeting:
(Following are the third party headers included for Windows on branch on 
the draft repo: windpdk-v18.08-clang)
pthread.h -> contains implementation
sched.h -> contains implementation
unistd.h -> contains implementation
netinet/in.h -> contains implementation
netinet/tcp.h -> contains only include guard
sys/cdefs.h -> contains only include guard

- One possible solution is to get someone to review if we need to create 
a posix common code and one for windows common code. Need to understand 
the blockers Pallavi has hit.

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