[dpdk-dev] AF_XDP PMD cannot use with software NICs

Burakov, Anatoly anatoly.burakov at intel.com
Tue May 28 11:40:09 CEST 2019

On 25-May-19 1:45 AM, Yutaro Hayakawa wrote:
> Hello,
> In current AF_XDP PMD implementation, we cannot use it with software NICs like VETH. Because it allocates umem with RTE_MEMZONE_IOVA_CONTIG.
> Since AF_XDP itself is usable with any network devices, I think it is better to have option to take umem with RTE_MEMZONE_SIZE_HINT_ONLY. It is also useful for testing perpose or using DPDK from containers.

I'm not sure i understand the problem. IOVA_CONTIG has no relation to 
SIZE_HINT_ONLY - the former forces the allocation to be IOVA-contiguous. 
The latter allows to allocate from other page sizes when the requested 
one is not available, e.g. if you request memory with RTE_MEMZONE_1GB 
and RTE_MEMZONE_SIZE_HINT_ONLY, it will try to allocate from 1GB pages 
first, and if that fails, will allocate from any other page size 
available - but says nothing about whether that memory has to be 

What is the problem with allocating IOVA-contiguous memory for AF_XDP 
and VETH?

> Any thought or future plan for this problem?
> Thanks,
> Yutaro


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