[dpdk-dev] Queries about the RED implementation

Avinash . avinash.182cs009 at nitk.edu.in
Wed Sep 25 07:40:29 CEST 2019

 I was going through the implementation of RED in dpdk.
I wanted to clarify some doubts about the implementation.
First, In RED Paper the Pmax used, how is this related to InvMaxp in dpdk,
why inverse?
Secondly, the minth and maxth are constant values in RED paper, but in the
dpdk implementation, it's being left-shifted by wqlog2 + RED_SCALING. why?
More, wq is also a constant in RED paper, but it's calculated using lookup
tables in dpdk. What is the basic reason to do this?
It will be very helpful if these doubts are cleared.

Thank you. Regards

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