[dpdk-dev] [PATCH v7 05/17] raw/ifpga/base: add device tree support

Ye Xiaolong xiaolong.ye at intel.com
Fri Sep 27 12:33:29 CEST 2019

This patch introduces the dependency on libfdt, so we need to disable
ipn3ke driver by default in config/common_base, otherwise it would cause
a build error.

On 09/26, Andy Pei wrote:
>From: Tianfei zhang <tianfei.zhang at intel.com>
>In PAC N3000 card, this is a BMC chip which using MAX10 FPGA
>to manage the board configuration, like sensors, flash controller,
>QSFP, powers. And this is a SPI bus connected between A10 FPGA and
>MAX10, we can access the MAX10 registers over this SPI bus.
>In BMC, there are about 19 sensors in MAX10 chip, including the FPGA
>core temperature, Board temperature, board current, voltage and so on.
>We use DTB (Device tree table) to describe it. This DTB file is store
>in nor flash partition, which will flashed in Factory when the boards
>delivery to customers. And the same time, the customers can easy to
>customizate the BMC configuration like change the sensors.
>Add device tree support by using libfdt library in Linux distribution.
>The end-user should pre-install the libfdt and libfdt-devel package
>before use DPDK on PAC N3000 Card.
>For Centos 7.x: sudo yum install libfdt libfdt-devel
>For Ubuntu 18.04: sudo apt install libfdt-dev libfdt1

We'll need to add this info to document.


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