[dpdk-dev] [RFC PATCH 0/5] graph: introduce graph subsystem

Jerin Jacob jerinjacobk at gmail.com
Sat Feb 1 06:44:45 CET 2020

On Sat, Feb 1, 2020 at 12:05 AM Ray Kinsella <mdr at ashroe.eu> wrote:
> Hi Jerin,

Hi Ray,

> Much kudos on a huge contribution to the community.

All the authors of this patch set spend at least the last 3/4 months
to bring this up RFC with performance data with an l3fwd-graph example
We hope it would be useful for DPDK community.

> Look forward to spend more time looking at it in the next few days.

That would be very helpful.

> I'll bite and ask the obvious questions - why would I use rte_graph over FD.io VPP?

I did not get the opportunity to work day to day on FD.io projects. My
understanding of FD.io is very limited.
I do think, it is NOT one vs other. VPP is quite a mature project and
they are pioneers in graph architecture.

VPP is an entirely separate framework by itself and provides an
alternate data plane environment.
The objective of rte_graph is to add a graph subsystem to DPDK as a
foundational element.
This will allow the DPDK community to use the powerfull graph
architecture concept in a fundamental
way with purely DPDK based applications

That would boil down to:
1) Provision to use pure native mbuf based dpdk application with graph
architecture. i.e
avoid the cost of packet format conversion for good.
2) Use rte_mempool, rte_flow, rte_tm, rte_cryptodev, rte_eventdev,
rte_regexdev HW accelerated
API in the data plane application.
3) Based on our experience, NPU HW accelerates are so different than
one vendor to another vendor.
Going forward, We believe, API abstraction may not be enough abstract
the difference in HW.
The Vendor-specific nodes can abstract the HW differences and reuse
generic the nodes as needed.
This would help both the silicon vendors and DPDK end-users to avoid writing
capabilities based APIs and avoid vendor-specific fast path routines.
So such vendor plugin can be part of dpdk to help both vendors
and end-user of DPDK.
4) Provision for multiprocess support in graph architecture.
5) Contribute to dpdk.org
6) Use Linux coding standards.
7) Finally, one may consider using rte_graph, _if_ specific workload
performs better in performance
in this model due to framework and/or the HW acceleration attached to it.

> Ray K

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