[dpdk-dev] [PATCH v2 00/13] Implement new devargs framework

Pavan Nikhilesh Bhagavatula pbhagavatula at marvell.com
Wed Feb 19 06:43:50 CET 2020

@Thomas Monjalon, Ping?. Some parts of this patch set was scheduled for 19.02.

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>Subject: Re: [dpdk-dev] [PATCH v2 00/13] Implement new devargs
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>19/09/2018 18:03, Gaetan Rivet:
>> Last release saw the introduction of the new devargs system.
>> To this end, the "class" abstraction was described as well
>> as a common API for querying and declaring devices.
>> This patchset implements the "eth" device class and the
>> query/declaration part of the framework for PCI and vdev buses,
>> enabling a minimal support for the new system.
>This part of the patchset is applied
>(except patches 4 and 7 that were discussed).
>> A new testpmd command is added to test device querying.
>> Devargs parsing is extended in the relevant buses to test
>> device declaration. This part uses the new "rte_eth_dev_create" API,
>> introduced last release and used by only two PMDs, for now.
>> The new devargs format is also made available through the new --dev
>This second part of the patchset is left for next release.
>> Next work is to generalize use of new API for eth_dev creation,
>> compatibility layer for -w, -b and --vdev with --dev, and devargs unit
>I think it's better to wait having the new devargs usable in these
>so we will have more tests and feedbacks.
>> Gaetan Rivet (13):
>>   bus/pci: implement device iteration and comparison
>>   bus/pci: add device matching field id
>>   bus/vdev: implement device iteration
>>   bus/vdev: add device matching field driver
>>   ethdev: add private generic device iterator
>>   ethdev: register ether layer as a class
>>   ethdev: add device matching field name
>>   app/testpmd: add show device command
>>   bus/pci: pre-process declarative PCI devargs
>>   bus/vdev: pre-process declarative vdev devargs
>>   bus/pci: process declarative PCI devargs
>>   ethdev: process declarative eth devargs
>>   eal: add generic dev parameter
>Summary: for 18.11, patches 1, 2, 3, 5, 6 are applied, thanks!

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