[dpdk-dev] DPDK techboard minutes of February 12

Thomas Monjalon thomas at monjalon.net
Wed Feb 19 18:29:01 CET 2020

Minutes of Technical Board meeting, 2020-02-12

Members Attending: 9/11
  - Bruce Richardson
  - Ferruh Yigit
  - Hemant Agrawal
  - Jerin Jacob
  - Kevin Traynor
  - Konstantin Ananyev
  - Maxime Coquelin
  - Olivier Matz
  - Thomas Monjalon (Chair)

NOTE: Technical Board meetings happen every second Wednesday
on IRC channel #dpdk-board, at 3pm UTC.
Meetings are public and DPDK community members are welcome to attend.

1/ name of kernel modules/addons repository

The name of the git repository for kernel code was voted on 2020-01-29.
A new name proposal (dpdk-kernel-addons) has been done,
but the vote confirmed a preference for the initial choice: dpdk-kmods.

2/ hosting of PMDT project

It was agreed in December to allow early git hosting of PMDT,
waiting for definitive approval.
The Technical Board validates hosting of PMDT if it meets
below criterias. These requirements will be used as guidelines
for any future project requesting to be hosted on dpdk.org:

  - compile and run on most DPDK supported environments
  - no out-of-tree DPDK patches
  - no copy of code from another project
  - list dependencies
  - have a license file or directory
  - describe contribution process for patches and issues reporting

Next steps, after validation, should be to setup a mailing-list,
a patchwork area, some HTML docs, and announce the project.

3/ marketing status

A document about DPDK is being reviewed.

Event planning in Asia is uncertain this year.

4/ Google Summer of Code

DPDK will not try to participate in Google Summer of Code this year.

5/ testing

There are issues to start the new CI work trial decided on 2020-01-15:
  - Thomas is lacking time for leading
  - Only Arm and Intel volunteered to join the effort with UNH
  - Marvell would like to contribute in tooling for its own lab hosting

UNH is working on a status of existing tests and is looking at the
effort needed for virtio and crypto coverage.

The Technical Board confirmed that patchwork is the central place
to summarize and view test results.

The Technical Board voted that the first priority is the coverage of
basic ethdev functional testing on real NICs.
Testing of other device classes (crypto, compress and others)
are considered as lower priorities, for next steps.

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